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NHS Class of 1980 30 Year Reunion
In the beginning, there was GOLF
Friday, June 18
11:00 Westwood Golf Course


Master of the Golf Tournament,
Jeff LeCrone
Bob Kopecky, Jeff LeCrone
Adam Jackson, Grant Mathews
Carl Galaz, Laurie Dixon Bob Strohmeyer, Donnie Martin. Steve McCool

Bob Kopecky, Carrie Reynolds
Bob Kopecky, Mike Winters
Jeff Danner, Rusty Barfield
Brad Curran
Chris Harshberger
Dawn McGuckin, Georgia Knight

Mike Dearmon, David Hunt
Mike DeBerry
Dawn McGuckin, Georgia Knight
Georgia's HAND PAINTED (by her) Tiger shoes!
Greg Leffler

Jeff Danner
Jeff LeCrone, Diane Deatherage
Jim Chandler, David Patterson
Mike Dearmon
Laurie Dixon, Jackie Strong, Belinda McCorkle,
Diane Deatherage, Lia Bonifield
Greg Leffler

Lia Bonified, Jackie Strong
Carrie Reynolds
Carrie Reynolds, Carl Galaz
Mike Dearmon, Jeff LeCrone
Mike Winters, Rusty Barfield, Jeff Danner
Bob Kopecky
Renee Cockerham, Jackie Strong, Carrie Reynolds

Bob Kopecky, Mike Winters
Dan Bergey, David Symcox, Robert
Coffman, Jim Chandler
David Hunt,
Mike Dearmon
Greg Sherbon
Dewey Coffman

Grant Mathews, Adam Jackson
Jeff LeCrone, Pam Balfour-Grice
Jeff Danner
Jeff Danner, Bob Kopecky, Mike Winters
Laurie Dixon, David Hunt

Ron Davis, Laurie Dixon, Mike Winters,
Andrew Zelby

Matt Hinkle

Mike DeBerry, Ron Davis, Greg Leffler
Mike DeBerry

Greg Sherbon
Robert Coffman, David Hunt
Sally Weyneth
Steve Gould,  Brian Calvin (Belinda McCorkle's
Steve Gould wearing something orange
I don't think it's NHS orange tho

Steve Gould
Robert Coffman, David Hunt,
Mike Dearmon
Chris Harshberger
Pam Balfour-Grice, Gary Madole
Alan Hogan, Ron Davis

Mike Dearmon, Mike Grimwood, Robert
Corfman, Jim Chandler,  Dan Bergey

Alan Hogan, Ron Davis,  Dewey Coffman
Andrew Zelby
Andrew Zelby, Jim Chandler, David Symcox
Dan Bergey

Brett Walker
Dan Bergey
Dan Bergey
David Symcox
David Hunt, Robert Coffman, Mike Dearmon

Steve Gould, again, in that horrible
orange color!
Grant Mathews - Do you think he's talking to Tiger?

Greg Leffler
Jacob Leffler (Greg's kid), Brett Walker
Jim Chandler,David Symcox,
Andrew Zelby, Dan Bergey

Laurie Dixon, Renee Cockerham
Gretg Leffler
Mike DeBerry
Mike DeBerry, Greg Leffler
Mike Dearmon, Robert Coffman

Mike DeBerry
Renee Cockerham
Robert Coffman, David Hunt
Alan Hogan, Ron Davis
Rusty Barfield, Bob Kopecky