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NHS Class of 1980 30 Year Reunion

....and then there was a bar
Friday nite
Bills' Restaurant, 7:00pm

Thanx to Cliff Chiles, Owner and 1980

Adam Jackson, Mariann Downing
Belinda McCorkle, Patti Appl, Jackie Strong
Betsy Trousdale, Karen Carter, Lisa
Mahoney, Jackie Strong
Bob Kopecky, Brett Walker

Chris Lawton, Matt Hinkle
Steve McCool
John West, Paul Charles
Dennis Strawhun
Karen Hudson, Bob Morris
Carl Galaz, Carrie Reynolds, Grant Mathews

Lee Mitchell, Steve Gould,
Bob Morris

Dyan Shetley, Mariann Downing
Renee Cockerham
Pam Balfour-Grice, Kim Hayes
Paula Yunice, Andrew Zelby
Rusty Barfield, Lisa Mahoney
Karen Carter
John West, Paul Charles (Cheryl Charles),
Dennis Strawhun, Dana Waters, Susie West

Brett Walker, Carrie Reynolds
Sam Little, Dawn McGuckin,
Bob Kopecky
Jackie Strong, Dennis Strawhun, John West
Susie West, Dana Waters
Brett Walker, Carrie Reynolds,
Jackie Strong, Lee Mitchell
Renee Cockerham, Dawn McGuckin,
Robert Coffman, Mariann Downing

Pam Rowland, Mike DeBerry
Susie West
Brett Walker, Bob Morris
Jackie Strong & Jimmie Moss
The Rusty's!
Barfield & Buhite
Brett Walker, Steve Gould

Debbie Pitt, Mariann Downing, Renee Cockerham
Jackie Stringer, Amy Lassiter
Kim Hayes, Carrie Reynolds
Kim Taylor, Mariann Downing
Paul Andis
Lee Mitchell, Steve Gould,
Bob Morris

Lisa Mahoney, Carl Galaz, Mariann Dowing
Grant Mathews
Carrie Reynolds, Rusty Buhite
Pam Armstrong, Dawn McGuckin
Pam Balfour-Grice, Marianne Downing
Paul Andis, Mariann Downing

Renee Cockerham, Adam Jackson,
Mariann Downing
Renee Cockerham, Dawn McGuckin
Jackie Stringer, Shelly Williams
Belinda McCorkle, Jeff Danner
Betsy Trousdale, Andrew Zelby

David Hilburn, Jeff Danner,
Scott Million, Adam Jackson
Diane Deatherage, Mike Dearmon
Todd Wiens and his wife Tanya Emory, Lloyd Guthrie

If anyone has any pic's they'd like posted,
please send them to Carrie