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198o Norman High Alumni 

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Kevin Daffer
[Norman, OK]

Foadeh Dalili

Daryl Daniels
[Moore, OK]

Jeff Danner
[Norman, OK]

Barbara Davis Black

James Davis

Lisanne Davis
[Alliance, OH]

Marsha Davis Valouch
[Norman, OK]

Randy Davis
[San Jose, CA]

Graduated OU in 84, worked in  OKC, then Austin, TX, San Diego, CA, and have been in the San Jose/San Francisco Bay area since 1994.  Married, divorced, no kids.  I'm back in Norman usually twice a year to see family, as well as other fellow Norman people such as Belinda, Jeff Danner, Mandy, etc.  contact me at "nhs1980 at randydavis dot cc"


Ron Davis
[Norman, OK]

Beth Dayton Freiburg

Anna Dean
[Moore, OK]
I worked as a purchasing agent for 23 years in the manufacturing industry.  I lived and worked in Edmond until 2006 when I moved back to Norman. Two of my children are married and still living in Edmond. I have 3 boys. Brandon Dunn 25, Jeff Dunn 22 and Keith Dunn 21 and two granddaughters, Trynadi 5 and Nowell 1. I currently work for the Federal Funds Development Division for the Oklahoma State Department of Health in Oklahoma City.

Steve Dean
[Dublin, OH]

Mike Dearmon
[Springfield, MO]

Diane Deatherage Schroeder
[Norman, OK]
Life has been good!  I graduated from OU with a degree in Elementary Education after working as a legal secretary for 8 years.  I taught 2nd grade for 16 years at Jackson and Truman here in Norman, and now I tutor part time.  I also am a manager/consultant with Arbonne International.

Married Eric Schroeder in 1987 (still married!)

We have one daughter, Stephanie, who will graduate from Norman High in 2011.  She loves NHS, is a member of Band and Varsity Pom, is active in our church youth group and is a great daughter! We are very proud of her.


After high school, I was a Legal Secretary for 8 years until graduating from OU with a degree in Elementary Education. Since then I've worked as a 2nd grade Teacher, Literacy Tutor, and now as a Teacher of English Language Learners, all for Norman Public Schools.

My husband Eric and I have been married for 26 years. Our daughter Stephanie is close to graduating from OU.  Time flies!

2015:  Since HS I have lived in Norman, but enjoy traveling coast to coast as often as possible.  I have meaningful job teaching English Language Learnres for Norman Public Schools and work at two of our local elementary schools.

Eric and I have been married nearly 30 years, and our daughter, Stephanie is currently a Senior at OU earning dual degrees in S  panish & english Litererature.

We are blessed!


Mike DeBerry
[Norman, OK]
I have one son, Scott 25, a dog, Zeke 9 and I own my own landscape maintenance company - 17 years!  Before that, Oilfield Management and Restaraunt Management.  I have lived in Borger, TX, Liberal & Garden City, KS, Loco, OK and Healdton, OK.  

Still single cuz there's no woman worthy enough!

Hanging out w/ Bob & Dave (Streetkings), the only reason I get out and drink!

Restoring a 1966 Chevelle w/ my son.

Always nice to hear from people, we'll see ya'll in 2 years!

Jon Delheimer
[Norman, OK]
Jenny Dendy Worley

Chuck Dennis

Debbie Densmore Baird
[Norman, OK]

Darl Deo
[Noble, OK]

Kent Depe
[Edmond, OK]
Wow!  Isn't it funny how you go through high school, college, your first career, your second career and realize you've been working your ass off and missed almost everything?  Well, it happens to all of us.  There's a myth abouth class reunions; at a 10 year reunion, it's a competition about who attended the best college and has the best job.  At a 20 year reunion, it's a competition about who is still married and who is divorced. Our 30 year is coming up in 2010.  The myth about a 30 year reunion is: "who cares, let's just get drunk"! 

Julie DeSpain

Sherri Dickerson
[Norman, OK]

Regina Dickey

Linda Dilday
Lisa Dillingham

Marie DiPrete Mayfield
[Norman, OK]
I married right out of high school then divorced and have two great kids. My son is 25 and a Sales Manager for Lowes in Texas. He is married and I have a pretty terrific daughter n law. My daughter is 24 and a Dental Lab Tech for 5 Othodontists in OKC.
I have worked the past ten years as Operations Manager and an Corporate Event Planner/Coordinator for a company here in Norman. My job keeps me pretty busy on weekends and holidays but I can't think of a better way to get paid for having fun and planning parties!

Kathy Dixon
[Norman, OK]

Laurie Dixon Deese
I spent two years studying for a business degree then married Kenny in 1983.  Worked for various property management companies, later became a property manager in commercial real estate. 

We have two children, Maegan 22 and Kaelan 12.  More recently I have enjoyed motherhood, and volunteering in our community.  Hobbies include singing in a praise team, hiking, trips with adventure and enjoying this great life!


After working in the professional world of real estate I took time off to raise my children, volunteering in the community in schools and church and in our business, Allied Foam Fabricators.  Currently singing vocals in a classic rock band called High Speed Boom, playing in different venues.  Married to Kenny for 31 years and have two children, Maegan 26 and Kaelan 17.
webfind = Through the NHS page

Rachel Dixon

Kelly Dobry Lynn
[Norman, OK]

Larry Donathan
[Norman, OK]

Mariann Downing Lawson
[Norman, OK]
Went on to OU after graduation. Met John and we've been married 25 years this coming June. Have two freshman boys, one at OU and one at the "other" high school, Norman North. After 14 years as VP/Marketing Director in banking, I am now the Executive Director for the American Red Cross, Heart of Oklahoma I've never left home so to speak.



Working as SVP and marketing director, staying married 30 years to my best friend, raising two boys; Chase 24 - OU grad and Cody 20 on his way to being an OU grad.

Tom Dragg
[Broken Arrow]

Moved to Texas, hated it.  Moved back to Oklahoma, went back to OU, met up with John Floyd, Got saved, Got married, Finish my degree and moved to Tulsa area, Bought a house, have two great daughters, one at OSU, one at OU. Got into Karate, Teach Karate on Thursday nights and Fifth Grade Sunday School on you guessed it Sundays.
webfind = Carrie Reynolds

Lisa Duchon
[Austin, TX]

Renee Durnbaugh Heath
[Norman, OK]

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