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198o Norman High Alumni 

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Tim Fallon
[Arvada, CO]
Attended St. Mary's University, San Antonio, BS Geology 1984. Worked for Shepherd Engineering, Norman, 1984-87; Joining US Coast Guard, Honolulu & Portland, OR, 1987-1991. Taught High School Science, Fabens, TX 1992-95.Taught Jr. High Science & Math, Denver 1995-2000 Currently Teaching High School Math, Arvada, CO

Married Liz in 1997.  We met teaching in Denver.
We adopted Isabel from Guatemala in 2007.  She just turned
2 on Sept. 5, 2008.

Thanks to Carrie for her hard work.

Susan Farmer
[City, ST]

Carla Farris Meyers
[Norman, OK]
I married Billy Jennings and moved to N.C. for 3yrs.  We had one son who is now 29.  We moved back to Norman and soon afterward we divorced.  I remarried in '86 to my husband Dave.  Together we have 3 boys and 4 granchildren.  I worked for Shaklee/Astellas for 17 years until recently, due to a reduction. I am currently going back to school and working part time as a assistant manager.


Jeff Fentriss
[Dallas, TX]

Joe Ferguson
[Norman, OK]

Leslie Fife
[Shreveport, LA]

Butch Finnell
[Little Rock, AR]
Deb and I were married 27 years ago and we have two wonderful sons Tyler (24) and Blake (22) who are attending Harding Christian University in Arkansas.  Deb and I moved to Grove from Norman in 2006 to be on Grand Lake NE of Tulsa where I enjoyed fishing almost everyday.  Recently my job brought us to Houston, Texas where I am General Sales Manager for a wood importer. We are experiencing the empty nest syndrom but are making the best of it by living in  Uptown in the Galleria area of Houston and working diligently on my salt water fishen' skills every chance I get!


John Floyd
[Olathe, KS]

Mike Floyd
[Lindsey, OK]

I have a 24 year old daughter that is married and has a great family of her own. I have semi retired and am in the process of chasing a "bucket list". I have owned several business and traveled extensively, I buy and flip properties to finance my travels and play times.
I divorced 15 years ago and raised my daughter, I am still single. I live in eastern Oklahoma on a lake that I hope to develope into a cabins rental business.
I have missed all of the reunions, even tho I promised Carrie every time I would attend (sorry Carrie) I do hear about some of you and would enjoy hearing from anyone from 1980 class or old friends that we have lost contact. I'm not sure my email on here is valid but here is a valid email

Hope life has treated all of you well!!

Atilla Foroughy

Joe Foster
[Noble, OK]

Larry Foster
[Norman, OK]
Taking photographs - what else do I do? ;) I started a photography business in 1982 with a partner - that didn't last long.  Went back to work at the photo lab till 1987 when I started this business. Won numerous awards at the local, state and national levels. I will be president of the Metro Area Professional Photographers Association in 2009.
Never left Norman.  My youngest will graduate from Norman High in '09.


Shari Foster Moore
[Midwest City, OK]

Angela Franke

Pete Franklin
[Norman, OK]

Tina Franklin Segura
[Newalla, OK]
Hi, I became a nurse/respiratory therapist. I have raised 4 sons and have had a wonderful marriage of 27 years. Now that we only have 2 sons left to "kick out of the nest" we are planning things for our second childhood. Hoping it can compare with my WONDERFUL first childhood I had at NHS. We do like traveling to Western Europe and go yearly just to bring something else back to collect.

Working and waiting for all the kids to grow up so we can play!

Janet Freeman Rose
[Shawnee, OK]

Lisa Freeman Skinner
[Norman, OK]

Teri Fuller Hoelscher
[Norman, OK]

Paula Fullerton
[Norman, OK]

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