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198o Norman High Alumni 

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Anand Gajjar
[New York, NY]

Raul Galaz

Kim Gammill Sterrett
[Spring Hill, KS]

Jane Garner
[City, ST]

Karen Garrett Griffin
[Norman, OK]
Married 24 years.  We have three girls: Erica, Cerissa, and Krissy.  Erica is a senior majoring in Meteorology and minoring in Mathematics at OU, Cerissa is a sophomore majoring in Microbiology (Pre-Dental) at OU, and Krissy is a junior at Norman High. 


Sharon Garrett
[Norman, OK]


Kelly Gatewood Erwin
[Carrollton, TX]

Brad Garton
Austin, TX

After graduating, I went to  Moore-Norman Vo-Tech, OSU TI,  OU, and then to UT-Austin where I graduated in 1990 with a BSEE/BSCE. I then went to Work at IBM where I helped to design RISC work stations for several years. I’ve been in the computer industry  every since and now live in Austin, Texas with my wife.  We’ve been married 28 years.  I have two grown sons who also live in the Austin area.  


I really enjoyed looking at  the old  faces and some of the updates on your page. Thank you for putting it together.

Jay Geis

James Gentry
[City, ST]

Diana Gibat
[Norman, OK]

Georgia Gibson Johnson
[Tulsa, OK]

Julia Gibson
[Chapel Hill, NC]

Kelly Gill
[City, ST]

Mike Goad
[City, ST]

Steve Gould
[Murrieta, CA]
Graduated from OSU in 1984 with BS in Agriculture. I have been working in the Pesticide industry ever since. I am presently an Account Manager for Monsanto working in the Industrial, Turf and Ornamental business calling on our national and regional distributors. I have been married to my wonderful wife Melinda for 20 years and have 2 boys Phillip 16 and Logan 14. Since I left Oklahoma in 1985 I have lived in Michigan, Washinton state, Kentucky (met and married my wife), Texas (first child born) Georgia (second child born)Tennessee and now California. I enjoy MLB baseball, especially the Angels, watching the kids play soccer and traveling with the family. My folks still live in Norman and I visit at least 1 time per year.

Annette Grabenbauer Ehardt
[Vero Beach, FL]
I have been blessed with 30+ years of marriage and 3 great kids. Oldest son 10 years in the USAF. Daughter working on Masters at OU. Teaches Botany and Zoology for OU.  Youngest son senior at OU in the Business College.  I have one beautiful grandson and soon to have 5 step-grandchildren.  Steve and I hope to move to FL soon.

Karen Graham Canavan
[Norman, OK]

Laurah Graham
[Norman, OK]
Got married...had two divorced.

Since 1988, have been a massage therapist...taught at Heritage College for almost 6 own my own massage clinic in SW OKC.

I still do my art when I have time, African and middle eastern hand drum...

In a LTR with a great guy.

I like to garden, paint, sculpt, drum and take bike rides.

Donna Green Davis
[Elk City, OK]
I have been married to my best friend and the love of my life for 27 years.  I have two beautiful daughters; Taylor 22 Senior at OSU and Jodi 24 OSU grad living in Nashville.  I have lived in Elk City , OK for the past 20 yrs and live on a small farm.

Jim Green
[Idabel, OK]
Got divorced, remarried to a wonderful woman raising kids,playing golf,been a firefighter for 10 years. still partying! life is good!!!

Larry Green
[Ponca City, OK]

Jack Greenway
[Norman, OK]

Mike Grimwood

Mike Grissom
[Henryetta, OK]

Cathy Groninga Breslin

I was married just a year after high school graduation and I had one child.  I was married for 10 years then divorced.  Derek, my older son is now almost 28 years old. He lives in San Diego working at UCSD where he recently earned his Masters Degree.  He just recently passed the Foreign Service Officer's Exam and is awaiting his overseas assignment working at an American Embassy. Derek was around 12 years old when I found the love of  my life, Bob.  We have been married for 14 years.  We have one child together, Benjamin, who is 12 years old and in 7th grade. Ben is talented in music and art.  He plays both the French Horn and the Trumpet. He also draws a lot and is quite good! I am a first grade teacher and have been for 22 years! I still love it and consider myself so lucky to have a family and job that I love!

2015:  Cathy updated her bio blog in 2010.  Sadly she passed away just after our 35th class reunion.  July 2015

Beth Grooms Wind
[Wrentham, MA]

Jeff Grotta
[City, ST]

Gary Grotts
[Norman, OK]

Gloria Grove
[City, ST]

Jan Grow
[City, ST]

Mark Grow
[City, ST]

Kim Gruber
[Shawnee, OK]

Lloyd Guthrie
[Norman, OK]

Jenner Gutierrez
[City, ST]

Jose Gutierrez
[City, ST]

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