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198o Norman High Alumni 

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Tim Haddican
[Edmond, OK]

Donald Haggard
[Noble, OK]

Danny Hale
[Norman, OK]
Finished my BS in accounting, only to decide I didn't want a career in accounting. Second bachelors in organizational development and a masters in human resources. Was regional vice president for Robert Half International until '89 and then became an independent consultant focused on staffing, staff development, time/motion studies, regulatory compliance, benefits analysis, design and compliance. Executive Director of human resources & education services for the Sisters of Mercy Health System - Oklahoma Region until last summer. I decided to leave and go back to consulting. So, now -- human resources and education programs consulting for healthcare with Norman as my base but travel extensively from coast to coast.

Serve on lots of local and regional boards and was named Distinguished Business Leader - 2007 by the OK Department of Commerce.

Married to Bonny (26 years) and we have one daughter, Chauncey, who received an award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Science for her work in Media while at NNHS - go figure.

Tracy Hales
[Norman, OK]
Working as a nurse. Currently helping take care of my father.  He has alzheimers. I have a 24 year old daughter, Jamie Lee Hall, who is in college.

Dena Hall Kochevar
[Mooresville, NC]

Greg Hall
[Norman, OK]

Jeff Hall
[Spring, TX]

Julianna Hall Lloyd
[Wanette, OK]
Attended Del Mar College in Corpus Christi, TX.  Got married, had 3 kids, got divorced, moved back to Oklahoma in 1993.  Married Artie Lloyd (NHS 1978) in 1994, had 1 more kid.  We left Norman in 2003 and since then have lived in Mississippi, Florida, Arkansas and Tennessee and now live in Owasso.  My oldest Scott is 23, living in Italy after two tours in Afghanistan with the Army.  Daughter Shea, 21 and son Connor, 17, live in Norman, and son Sam, 13, lives with us here in Owasso.  I'm the manager of a Hancock Fabrics store in Tulsa, which doesn't leave me much free time to do any of my favorite things.


I've been back in Norman since 2010, working in the Career Services office at OU

Ken Hall
[Yukon, OK]
I zipped out of Norman and went to OSU in OKC.  Received Associate degree in 1983.  My 1st kid (Kendra) was born on Christmas Day, 1984.  Second kid (Cori) was born in January of 1990 - 7 weeks premature.  My son (Matthew) was born on Labor Day 1994 (what is it with me and holiday births?!?).  I recently married Theresa so now I have her 2 kids (Kelsey & Joshua) as well.  We have 2 dogs (Husky's) and 2 cats (worthless).  My wife and I both spent over 17 years as  computer programmers for Hertz.  We were laid off last year (our jobs sent to India) and we are trying very hard to get back in the workforce.  But hey, we have our health!  :)    

Tim Halley
[Norman, OK]

Teresa Hansmeyer Bates
[Newcastle, OK]

Tammi Hardcastle
[Norman, OK]
Actually, my family moved to Atlantic, IA right before our senior year.  Went to high school there, then to York College (NE) then to Oklahoma Christian, had a horrible car wreck soph year, later went to work for OU in 85 for about 15 years as admin. secretary, currently working as home health assisant for an 83 yo male (friend of the fam) as a live in 24/7 job in a beautiful ranch style house with 10 acres around it in Choctaw, OK

Brian Harden
[Norman, OK]
After high school I went to OU, worked as a fireman in Norman for a couple of years, went back to OU, worked a year in Denver, then ended up in gradjit school at UT-Austin of all places.  Had some fun (google "railplug") and some headaches and was glad to move on.  Escaped with a master's in mechanical engineering. 

Got married, moved back home to Norman.  Bought an acreage and after a few years designed and built a concrete home (an "erection" in construction lingo) on it.  Different and cool, and I plan on staying a long, long time.

I worked at the AT&T/Lucent factory in OKC for several years, spent a couple of years at Seagate, and now work at the FAA in OKC.

My wife Tonya and I have 4 great kids; 16, 13, and 9-year-old sons and a 12-year old daughter.  The family bounces around between school, rugby, gymnastics, baseball, and football.  It's a busy life many of you know well.  But what a blast!

Anne Harris
[Norman, OK]

Chris Harshberger
[Overland Park, KS]
Moved to KC in '86. Married in June '88, divorced in May '95. 2 great kids as a result, daughter Loren, 18, who just graduated high school in May '08 and is now working trying to decide on what path to take in life (sounds like her daddy (aaargh!)). Son, James, 17, who lives with me and will graduate high school in May '09 and then is off to the Marine Corps, his lifelong dream.   I work for a family owned business, an automotive service equipment distributor as a Warehouse Manager for the last 8 years. Previously, I was an Inventory Control Specialist and Shipping Supervisor for a computer hardware and software distributor for 11 years. I still make it back to Norman several times a year and enjoy seeing all the old friends and classmates that I run into. Still an avid Sooner fan, and still consider myself an "okie".....BOOMER SOONER!!!!... you can take the boy out of Oklahoma, but you can't take the Oklahoma out of the boy,...HA, HA!!!                

Looking forward to seeing everyone real soon........     PEACE!

John Hart
[Lynchburg, TN]
Commercial diver, Army ranger, long haul trucker, A/C man, currently fireman and fire protection and refrigeration @ Jack Daniels distillery

It sure is interesting to see all the updates - great website ladies!

Mark Hawkins
[Norman, OK]

John Hayden
[Norman, OK]

Kevin Hayes
[Boone, NC]
Graduated from OU with a Music Ed. degree.  Taught band in OK for seven years.  Moved to Austin, TX to do a graduate degree, but ended up working for Kinko's.  Stayed with Kinko's in Austin for six years.  Met my future wife, Christina.  We moved together to Winston-Salem, NC where I worked for Kinko's another six years.  We built a weekend cabin in Boone.  Got married in 2001.  Moved full time to Boone when my wife was hired by Appalachian State Univ. as coordinator of accompanying.  Started my third, and current career as a carpenter.  Moved to a small farm outside of town and bought horses.  We are currently fostering two dogs from the Humane Society while we search for a puppy to replace our dog who died in January.  The end.

Kim Hayes Ehn
[Flower Mound, TX]
Married a USMC 08/1983 - moved to Hawaii for 3 yrs (1983 - 1986)  Settled in Addison, TX when active duty tour ended, May 1986. Cameron (son) was born 08/1988, moved from Carrollton to Flower Mound in 08/1995. Finally completed my BA in Mktg Mgmt 12/1991 at Univ of North Tx.  Worked in corporate America until 2001 - started my own consulting business.  Bad business partner choice - business dissolved 06/2005.  Back to corporate America 12/2006.  Son is junior at Okla State studying civil engineering -- due to graduate 05/2012. Done a little traveling and spend as much as I can riding my horses.


Military spouse following around a USMC officer until settling in Texas 1986. Had my son 1988. Finished my BBA at Univ of North Texas 1991, Marketing mgmt.   Worked in computer support until 2000.  Went into project mgmt 2000, got laid off, started my own consulting company 2001 - 2005. Back to computers until 2010, then back to school to work on MA and therapeutic riding certification.  Currently waiting for acceptance letters from speech language graduate programs and volunteering with a PT riding program.
webfind = 1980 NHS facebook page

Linda Hazlin

Katie Healey Bailey
[Norman, OK]

Mark Heard
[Shawnee, OK]

Betista Henderson
[Norman, OK]

Joy Henderson Baldwin
[Norman, OK]

Flossie Hendersonn Vaughn
[Norman, OK]

Doug Henning

Joe Henning
[Pittsford, NY]
After Norman High and college in Colorado, I never expected to find myself on the East Coast, but that's where I've been for most of the last twenty years.  I worked on Capitol Hill awhile and went to graduate school in NYC and DC.  I'm now a history professor and have taught in Pennsylvania and Japan.  Four years ago, I moved to the Rochester Institute of Technology (NY) and plan to stay.  I have a son (11) and daughter (7), both of whom are Karate National Finalists and rabid Sooners and Buffalo Bills fans.

Alex Herndon

Chip Herring

Joe Herron
Flying around the world and trying to keep being shot at to a minimum! Living the nomadic life of being in the Air Force. Lately spending time in Europe watching Chris Lawton become a ski expert and golf pro!

Sarah Heston

Teresa Hetherington Pastrano
[Tempe, AZ]
Attended O.U. for 2 years, Rose State college for 1 yr. Married Brad Quinlan 1985 and moved to AZ. in 1989. Had one daughter Jamie in 1992. Worked for Motorola for 14 yrs. and currently working for Everett Charles Technologies 3 years. Divorced Brad in 1995 and married Ruben in 2002.

2015:  Living in Az since 1989-present, married, blessed with one beautiful daughter, Jamie, and loving husband, Ruben.  Employed by Master electronics Quality in Phoenix, AZ.  The youngest member of our family is Buddy, a fiery, green eyed, tiger striped cat with white paws and tuxedo ready to attack in an instant!  He keeps us all alert and he adopted us by the way.  We are hoping he will continue to entertain us for year to come.

Shirla Jan Hewitt Carnefix
[Sacramento, CA]
Graduated from OU in 1985, married in July of 1986 and moved to Sacramento, CA.  Went back to school at California State University Sacramento in the early 90's to become a CPA.  Have been married 22 years and have 2 sons and 1 daughter.  They are 13, 11, and 8 respectively.  Yes, we did wait quite a bit to have kids, but traveled a lot in the interium.

Jess Hicks
[Broken Arrow, OK]

Robyn Hicks McGetrick

David Hillburn
[Norman, OK]
Working for an oil & gas company in Oklahoma City.  Enjoying time spent with my teenage son, Brandon, and living in Norman.  Looking forward to the 30 year reunion!!!

Randy Hill

Matt Hinkle
Married Lisa Caves in '81 divorced in '86...she was in the class of '81... Went to work for Tyler Outdoor Advertising in '80 and was Operations Manager till 2000 when they sold to Lamar.. Went out on my own in the commercial sign business till '07 when the Tyler family bought me out and then made me GM of my own company... so i lay awake at night worring about somebody elses money instead of mine..but what the hell it's a paycheck and you gotta worry about something!!! I have said forever that I could have quit in craft class at vacation bible school and do what I do today.  Son Josh just turned 25.. graduated.. got married (because he wanted to not because he had to) and bought a house all in the same week... and he is a fine fine young man.... all that crap about getting paid back by your kids for your indescretions didnt happen with me...

Thanks to Carrie and Jackie for all the effort in putting this thing together... see all you guys soon i hope

Debbie Hinshaw
[Arlington, VA]

Donna Hobbs Smith
[Lexington, OK]

Carol Hodam Castillo
[Lexington, KY]
I graduated from Bethany Nazarene College and worked at BNC/SNU until my marriage to Bill in 1989.  We have lived in Oklahoma, Virginia, Colorado, Germany, England, Greece, and New Mexico.  Bill will retire from the U.S. Air Force in June 2009, so we're gearing up for a change in our lives.  I am homeschooling stay-at-home mom with two sons, ages 11 and 20 months


My family now lives in Lexington, Kentucky.  My husband attends Asbury Theological Seminary where he's working toward a Master of Divinity degree.  Our oldest son will graduate from high school in May 2015.  Our youngest is homeschooled.  I stay busy with homeschooling and teaching Bible quizzing at our church .... plus the regular Mom "stuff!"  Would love to see everyone, but I don't think I'll be able to attend the reunion.  Maybe the next one!

John Hodgson
[Not interested]

Alan Hogan
[Norman, OK]
Married to Nicole and have two children.  Worked all over the U.S.  

Sandra Holshouser Dodge
Ray and I married in 1982 and we have 3 kids - Matt is 24 and currently deployed, Sarah is 22 and a sr. in college and Pam is 19 and just finished her freshmen year. We lived in the Minnesota/Wisconsin area for a dozen years before moving back to OKC. I make a living implementing software systems and Ray works for a company building regional hospitals. We love to travel, which is good since we both travel with our jobs, and we are having fun adjusting to the empty nest.

Cristi Hooper Reiger

Tyrone Hopkins

Margo Horn Price
[Del City, OK]

Marcie Horrell Hinthorne
[Seattle, WA]

Robert Howard
[Mansfield, TX]

Karen Hudson Hancock

Diana Huffaker

Tracy Hughes
[Norman, OK]

Bryce Hulsey
[Norman, OK]
Served n U. S. Marines for 4yrs, worked in the Wildlife Federations in OK. PA. MI. CA. CO & both Carolinas. Then moved back to OK  in 1990 to work for Oklahoma DEQ promoting recycling and waste prevention. Also write for the Transcript Outdoors page, also active member of PETA People for Eating Tasty Animals. Have a son who is 10, we love to play and go to the farm.

Alice Hunt Johnson
[Tulsa, OK]

David Hunt
[Edmond, OK]

Susan Hurd


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