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198o Norman High Alumni 

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Kenneth Mackeprang
[Fayetteville, NC]
Joined Army in 1984 & still serving. Married to a wonderful lady & have 3 great grownup kids. Still love to run & play golf. Had many oppertunities to travel the world, met many awsome people & had a bunch of great experiences. 
Jimmy Madison

Gary Don Madole
[Norman, OK]
I was the Store Director at the University of Oklahoma Bookstore for 17 years.  I left there in the Summer of 2007 to become a regional manager for Follett Higher Education Group and now am over a group of 25 college bookstores.  I am married and have two sons, Sean (19)is a freshmen at OU, and Connor (15) is a freshmen at Norman High. 

Caren Maffucci
[Anchorage, AK]

Bob Magarian

Lisa Mahoney Hogan
[Dallas, TX]

Dave Mangus

Jerry Manning
[Norman, OK]

Connie Mantooth Kramer
[New Orleans, LA]
Stillwater,OK '84 graduated OSU B.S; '85-'90 Dallas, TX; '91-'93 Los Angeles, CA; 12.26.93 married Rickie Kramer; '94-2002 Baton Rouge, LA; '97 graduated LSU B.A.; '98 son, Ryan; '99 daughter, Cate; 2002 New Orleans,LS; 2005 lost all material possessions; 2006 rebuild, renew, revive.

2007 Entrepreneur CK Designs, Residential Architecture,

2010 Happy, Content, Grateful...Life is Good!

Ken Marley
[Norman, OK]

Cindy Marshall Devine
[Charleston, UT]

Married Lance in 1990, daughter Sam arrived in 1998, same job at the University of Utah since 1995 - boring me!

Debbie Marshall

Donnie Martin
[Norman, OK]

Donna Martin Ruth
Mariam Martin Fulkerson
[Norman, OK]

Shane Martin

Laura Mason Denney
[Phoenix, AZ]
My son Mason is 14 and starting High School in August. My son Trevor is 10 and starting 5th grade. Mike and I will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary next year (YEAH!). I am still at Farmers Insurance (just celebrated 22 years) and am the Personal Lines Product Development Manager. I cannot WAIT to see everyone!


Mike and I are still married and will celebrate our 25th anniversary September 9th. Both boys are now sophomores. Mason is at Barrett, the Honors College studying Engineering and working for NASA. Zane is a sophomore in high school and loves both cross country and track. Sparky the Wonder Dog is our rescue dachshund/terrier and keeps us entertained. Life is good!

Donita Masters Cooper
[Ponca City, OK]

From HS went to OBU Shawnee and graduated with a B of Music Education in 1984.

<>Just celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary.

Have one daughter at OSU, a son just graduated from HS and going to NOC Tonkawa, one daughter a soph Varsity Cheerleader in HS.
<>My husband, Guy, is a minister of Music at Northeast Baptist church here in Ponca City

I  teach private piano and works almost full-time at a bookstore/giftshop. 

Keith Masters
[Norman, OK]

Worked for the City of Norman for 27 years, decided to pursue my dream of living in Colorado.  Moved to Fort Collins, then to Loveland.  Currently working for the City of Fort Collins as a Certified Water Professional.  Married, divorced, married again to my current wife Becky.  I'm a lucky man to have her!

Grant Mathews
[Arlington, TX]
That's a long time to account for.... College, Career, Married, One Daughter - Lindsey who is now eight and one Dog - Abby.

Enjoy travel, time with family, church, exercise, boating, riding motorcycles, camping, etc.

Cindy McAlister Williamson
[Purcell, OK]

James McCain
[Norman, OK]
Mostly working at OU

Mary McCammon Whitfield
[Columbus, OH]

Clint McClellan
Darrell McClure
[Norman, OK]

Steve McCool
[Norman, OK]
After high school I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force for a four year term.  Although I had a good time and traveled around the world, I decided to get out in 1984 and join the Oklahoma City Police Department...and 24 years later I'm still with the department.  I met and married my wife Gena while in the Air Force, and last year we celebrated 25 years of marriage.  We have two sons, ages 22 and 18.

Belinda McCorkle Calvin

Mark McCurley

Terry McDaniels

David McGehee
[Norman, OK]

Steve McGehee
[Apex, NC]
Barbara McGrath Allen
[Purcell, OK]
Live and teach in Purcell Oklahoma

Dawn McGuckin Fisher
[Norman, OK]
Since High school..I got married, raised 2 kids, got divorced. I moved back to Norman and started an interior decorating company. When my kids graduated high school, I decided to start living my dream. I became a flight attendant with SkyWest Airlines and moved to Colorado Springs. I love my job and I travel all over the US and several cities in Canada. I now have a photography web site where you can see and purchase my photos from the places where I've traveled. Hope you enjoy...
I moved back to Norman in the summer of 2009.


I've been flying for work, traveling for fun, and raised 2 children. Jimmi works for Women's Health Care of Norman, is married and has a daughter Layla and step daughter Harleigh. My son Kelly is a police officer with OU and returns from his tour in Afghanistan in Jan 2014 where he is a crew engineer in a Chinook for the OK National Guard.
webfind = Carrie told me to update


Most know I'm a Flight Attendant so traveling around the USA for work and traveling around the world for fun. I also have a thriving second career of decorating, sewing t-shirt quilts, and upholstery. I also have 3 beautiful grand girls! Life is really good!!

Kevin McGuire
[Noble, OK]

Gail McNeil Straughn
[Norman, OK]
Abigail McKnight
[Great Mills, MD]

Lori McNitt Werth
[Not Interested]

Jonica McPhail

I am a Special Education teacher working for the Department of Defense Dependents Schools. I spent three years in Daegu, South Korea and now am in Grafenwohr, Germany.

My son Justin (1983) is an electrician, lives in the Baltimore area, and blessed me with a beautiful granddaughter in December 2007. My daughter Devon (1988) is living, working, and going to school in the San Francisco Bay Area.


I celebrate 20 years as a special education teacher this year.  I love living in Germany.  I completed my Masters Degree in Special Education in 2012.  My kids are awesome adults.  Life is good!


Karen McReynolds

Lance McReynolds
[Ft. Smith, AR]

Sheila Meador

Frankie Medina
[Pahrump, NV]

Lauren Merritt
[Tampa, FL]

David Miller
[Albuquerque, NM]
20 Years in military doing Specail Operations.  Couple of years working at Casino's.
Currently....Lockheed Martin.

Debbie Miller
[Norman, OK]

Scott Million
[Teca Cay, SC]
Left Norman for SMU (in Dallas) on Full String Bass performance scholarship.  Graduated with a degree in Business.  Married high school sweetheart Ruth Perot (NHS '82) in 1990...(no kids).  We moved to NYC (Manhattan) in 2001 to pursue a carreer in Comercial Real Estate Investment Banking and lived through 9/11.  A year after 9/11 we moved to Charlotte NC to be near my brother (Tedder NHS '81) who played footbal at DUKE and graduated with a masters degree.  I still work in NYC but live on a lake in the Carolinas and raise rescue dachshunds.

Bernesta Mills

Lee Mitchell
UMMMMM, BRIEF BLURB....HMMMMMM.....I guess slowly dieing one day at a time?  College, marriage, divorce, marriage, 2 kids, travel, facial hair, no facial hair, gray facial hair, still married, working, playing, working, writing brief blurbs.....

Margaret Moakley Fletcher
[Norman, OK]

Kyle Moore

Robin Moore

Sheila Moore

Susan Moore Kaugher
[Northville, MI]
I moved to the Midwest after I graduated high school, where I completed a Bachelors of Arts at the University of Michigan and a Masters of Science in Computer Science at Wayne State University.  I have worked in a variety of capacities designing and implementing information technology solutions.  I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up.  

Tammy Moore Adams
[San Jose, CA]

Patricia Morley

Mike Morren
[Norman, OK]

Bob Morris
[Norman, OK]
I have been playing the guitar 24/7 since I got out of high school. I played from coast to coast, and then went back to college for my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Music. I went through a period of time where I was teaching 280 middle school kids a day in a public school in Las Vegas. Fender Musical Instruments came to me in 2002 and asked me to put together a world wide program to teach kids guitar in the public schools and I have been traveling over 200 days a year since. After our last reunion gig I started playing regularly with David Patterson again. I am in Oklahoma a couple of weekends a month with the "Street Kings" playing all over the state. We are going to record our first CD in August of 2008. Should be a great project!!!

Dan Morrison
[Broken Arrow, OK]
Dan and his wife Jane are celebrating 25 years of marriage this August.  They served for 22 years in church ministry serving as ministers of music and associate pastors in many different capacities.  Dan is now the senior pastor of Living Word Church in Farmington, NM where he has served for the past 2 years.  Check him out at:

Lori Morrison

Rosa Morrison Barringer
Tuttle, OK]
I have 2 children, a daughter that is 26, a son that is 18 and will graduate next year from Southmoore.  I have worked for the same company for the last 20 years.  I am heavily involved with PTSA and the Volleyball booster at Southmoore HS. I am working on my degree.  I am married to a wonderful man and we live in the South part of OKC. 

Tommy Morrison

Judy Moser
[Ft. Smith, AR]

Jimmie Moss
[Norman, OK]

Moussa Mroue
[Ivory Coast W. Africa]

Geri Lou Munday Sudman
[Melissa, TX]
I've spent all these years in IT and software development.  I write software for the Transportation Industry for U.S. and Canadian clients. In 1995 I married Andrew and we had a boy in 1997. We lived in Bridge Creek for the '99 tornado.  Just suffered damage to the house but learned the importance of getting a storm shelter.  Now, we will never be without one.

Kandi Murphy McCasland
[Kansas City, MO]

Marjorie Murphy

Sharon Murphy
[Bangor, ME]
Sorry I'm not going to make it to the reunion. Send my best to everyone. I'm living in Maine and working with disabled adults.  The work is both challenging and rewarding at the same time.


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