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198o Norman High Alumni 

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Sumit Nanda
Mary Nappa

Jamie Neal
[Choctaw, OK]

Cyndi Anne Neighbors
[Springfield, OR]

Married at age 19, had some surgeries,recovered, had 6 kids, adopted one, got divorced,got married for a short time, got marriage anulled, finally got to follow my dream of college. Now I have an Associate's in Criminal Justice and working on my Bachelor's in Psychology. I am in a relationshp with Kenneth Bernard and have never been happier with a man. I have my own business and am able to sustain myself without working outside the home. This gives me more time for school and my children. I am also a grandmother of one boy who is 2 years old.


I have an AA in Criminal Justice, BS in Psychology and am working on my Doctorate of Metaphysical Science. I am a writer and hoping to have a book published soon. I write for a few websites as well


I am divorced but have 6 wonderful children and a Pomeranian furbaby. After becoming divorced I dug my heels in and went to school. I have earned an Associates of Arts in Criminal Justice, Bachelor's of Science in Psychology, Doctorate in Metaphysical Science, Doctorate of Divinity and  Doctorate of Spirituality. I plan to continue my studies in these areas. I am a published author of articles both under my name and many as a ghost writer. I have published one book so far.  Since my first divorce I have been self employed.


Busy, busy life being a mom, writer, running a farm, and small orchard.  I am now spending my days tending my little garden doing what I can after the effects of violence left me wheelchair-bound.  Life is different now, not as active physically, but otherwise, just great.  I am retired from writing but not from life.  The Pacific Northwest is good for me and I love spending days visiting the rivers and forest areas

Roger Keith Nelson
[Norman OK]
Right after graduation I started working for Musgrave Electric Company in Noble, OK. I married Sheila Burris in 1982 and had two children, Brad now 25 & Katie now 22. I have one grandchild, Sean who is 2 and now one on the way.  In 1986 I decided to join the Army were I was stationed in Germany for three years with the family. We divorced in 1990 when we returned to Norman. I continued to serve in the Army Reserves and have now for over 22 years.  Remarried on 18 July 1992 to Mona Bruehl, a 1983 graduate from Norman High. Started working for the Federal Government as a Supervisory Logistics Management Specialist in Oklahoma City. Mona and I stay active in our church, St Mark Catholic Church here in Norman. We both like to travel and we get to with our jobs. We really enjoy traveling to the Caribbean every couple of years. We will be married 17 years in July

Stephen Nelson

Thresa Nelson
[Yorktown, VA]

Robert Newberg
[Norman, OK]
After high school I went into the construction business where I built houses. I then joined the Army where I was a medic. After I got out I ended up joining the carpenters Union where I went on to become an officer then the president of Great Plains District Council of Carpenters and Joiners.  I went on to join Local 44 out of Hollywood where I worked on Movie sets. I came back to Oklahoma where I worked on the Twister movie and ended up meeting my wife and settling down with her and buying a trucking business. Debi is an RN at one of the hospitals in the OKC area. We have 2 kids together a boy 4 and a girl 7. I have a 15 y.o. daughter from a girlfriend and 19 y.o. boy and 24 y.o. daughter from my first marriage.

Stacey Newman Corrie
[Dallas, TX]

Tommie Golden Nichols

Leslie Nickell Hudson
[Lake Dallas, TX]
I got married in 1980 to Kevin L. Hudson.  Then, I graduated Suma Cum Laude from Oklahoma Christian in 1997 with a BS in Special Education and Regular Education.  On May 1st, 2000 our daughter, Jade was born.  She is the joy of our lives.  We love to watch her grow.  Kevin loves anything dealing with Linux and stuff, and I love to spend time with my husband and child, travel, read, craft, take photos, and scrapbook.  Although, I don't get to do much of any of it.  I know I will get to do more of that one day.  Jade loves acting, singing, sports, etc. 

Craig Nipper
[Norman, OK]

Edie Norlin
[Newark, OH]

Ted Norman
[Morrison, CO]
Lisa Northcutt Armstrong
[Norman, OK]

Tim Nye
[Shawnee, OK]
Graduated OU in 1984 (BBA Marketing) and UCO in 1988 (MBA Marketing). Married my wife (Carlise) in 1988 and our son (Keaton) was born in 1992.
Worked for Pepsi-Cola for approximately 13 years and for the last 10 years for an insurance company specializing in insuring Oklahoma churches and related ministries. Thankfully all is well


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