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198o Norman High Alumni 

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Renee Rael McSwigan
[West Harrison, IN]

Working in just about anything you can name from administration/management, merchandising, mortgage and consumer lending.  Underwriting and selling mortgage loans was my favorite.  Got out due to the market slumps and headaches.  Right now, I'm building and maintaining a database for Service Work done by Medical Service Technicians.

I enjoy gardening, going places, messing with my hubba's brain.  Been making Chuckie Boy crazy for 20 years this coming November 2008, and he hasn't killed me yet.  Yippee!

I could write a great big book on what I've done, but why put anyone to sleep.  We've probably been through many of the same ups and downs.  I'm on the "UP" right now and loving every second of it!

Meg Ragland
[Cushing, ME]

Payman Rassoolkhani
[Maryland Heights, MO]

Fatemah Soghra Rastegar

Curtis Ray
[Yukon, OK]

Rhona Ray Baucum
[Sweetwater, TX]

Bubba (Phil) Reagan

Lisa Reed Orr
[Portland, OR]
I graduated from OU with a degree in Letters and earned my law degree at Duke University in North Carolina.  I practiced law for several years in North Carolina.  I left my law firm when my older son was 8 months old and then I began teaching, which I love.  The next year I taught legal research and writing at Wake Forest Law School and business law at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro.  In 1993, we moved to Portland, Oregon, where my husband got a job as a professor in the English Department at the University of Portland.  I too became a member of the faculty, teaching business law and global entrepreneurship and am now also Associate Dean of the business school.  We now have two sons, born in 1991 and 1995.  We both love to travel and take any opportunity we can to teach in study abroad programs or participate in other professional activities that allow us to go overseas.


Steve Reed
[Overland Park, KS]


 After High School went to OSU to play football.  Got my knee bent backwards but finished a business degree and got married.  A few years later became a Pastor and started several churches in the Kansas City region.  In recent years have been doing missionary work in Guatemala starting new work with Cowboys in one part of the country and new churches for Kekchi Indians in the jungle.  It's bizarre, but my Mom said I liked to play Cowboys & Indians!  I especially enjoy the phyical challenges that go with the jungle stuff.  We hike 6 to 7 hours a day and eat all kinds of interesting things!  Wrote a book.  Can check out the website

Bennie Reid
[Norman, OK]

Robert Reid
[Overland Park, KS]

Stephanie Reid
[Kettering, OH]

Anita Reynolds Dierdorff
[Norman, OK]

Carrie Reynolds
[Moore, OK]
Since HS, I lived in Plano, TX, for 5 years, moved back to Norman, worked, married, ran a company, divorced, dumped company and went back to work, again, at OU.


I now work for Atlas Pest Control (Jimmie Moss' company) as their Office Manager.  Bought me a house in Moore. 

Gearing up for the 2015 35th reunion!  ACK!

Dana Reynolds
[Norman, OK]

Sharon Reynolds Clardy
[Norman, OK]
I worked as a software engineer for 12 years before deciding to stay home with my daughter, Paige.  Paige is now 12 and entering 7th grade.  We moved to The Woodlands, TX (North of Houston) 2 1/2 years ago.  Its hard being away from friends but it is really beautiful here and there is a lot to do.  I like to go to concerts, taxi my daughter and her friends around and the usual "Mom" stuff. 

Sheila Reynolds Brumfield
[Norman, OK]

Tony Reynolds
[North Richland Hills, TX]

Joe Rice
[Gillette, WY]

Milan Richardson James
[Lakewood, WA]

Rick Richardson
[Norman, OK]

Craig Riley
[Norman, OK]

J.H. Riley

Denise Ritter Bernardini
[Warsaw, IN]

Peter Robb
[Norman, OK]

Bob Roberson
[Cascade, CO]

Jeff Robinson
[Norman, OK]

Sara Robinson
[Conroe, TX]

Tim Rodkey
[Norman, OK]
Had my gimpy hip replaced soon after graduation.  BSEE from OSU in '86.  Hired by the Air Force at Tinker to work aircraft avionics (automatic flight control systems).  At '89 Jazz 'n June, met Cassie and married in '92.  Mitchell, our son, was born in '94.  In '96 shifted from aircraft to telecommunications and have enjoyed lots of travel in the US.  Now Deanna (24) is a chef in Phoenix and Emily (20) is working for Benvenuti's.  Mitchell is a 6'1" 14 year old.  We have some land in Pink and hope to start building soon.  All along the way, we have been blessed.

Jim Roesel
[Moore, OK]

George Roso
[Chandler, AZ]

Tim Rohrbach
[Angier, NC]
College. Five years working for Uncle Sam in NC, GA, KY and the Middle East.  Engineer/Manager for Caterpillar.  Widowed in 2008.  Married again in 2009.  Learning how to raise kids now.  Working for John Deere.  Raising horses and driver of endurance sports racing cars.

Billy Ross

John Rosso
[Tulsa, OK]
Moved back to Tulsa shortly after this picture was taken in Norman. Moved to Germany for a while. Back to Tulsa, Married and had a kid at age 25, got custody of him and moved to Florida in 1989, stayed there till this last year. Moved back to Tulsa after being there 21 years and worked for the same guy for 23 years.Did marry again while i was there, twice to the same woman. Medical/MRI monitoring. Anything that goes beep in the hospitals we made and shipped worlwide. Was an iron worker for about 3 years after moving back to Tulsa the 1st time.

Melinda Rowland

Pamela Rowland Vaughn
[Springfield, MO]
Working as a Special Education Process Coordinator in Nixa, Missouri.  Hiking, camping, traveling whenever possible.

Craig Runkle
[Norman, OK]

Mary Ryan Hudson
[Norman, OK]

Pat Ryan
[Norman, OK]

John Rye
[San Jose, CA]


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