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198o Norman High Alumni 

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James Wainner
[Centennial, CO]

Brett Walker


John R. Walker

Win Walker
[Mt. Pleasant, SC]

Wade Waller
[Norman, OK]

Dawn Walls Kerr
[Houston, TX]

Colleen Walsh
[Centreville, VA]
I left Norman in 1987 and moved to Northern Virginia (just outside of Washington, DC).

I am a Manager/Director of Call Center Operations and have been working in Management for almost 20 years.  I have one daughter and one grandson.  I am a young Grammy and really love it!  Having kids is wonderful but having grandchildren is AWESOME!

Elizabeth Walsh Wilson
[Norman, OK]
I've been working for this great state for 25 plus years and lovin it! I am up for retirement (hard to belive! lol) soon and plan on going to nursing school or some kind of caregiving as that is one of my many passions in life~~

I have one child.. he's already 15! They do grow up fast and he is my greatest blessing!

I've not kept in touch with many folks that I went to school with as some have moved away.. one moved to Belize!! wow!! lol!! and a couple of other friends have went with the Lord. So, hopefully, I can reunite with my friends from NHS soon! :) Especially the ones that hung out on the "patio"! :)
I love the outdoors as always..camping, hiking, small town festivals.. etc. I try to live the simple life but I do got a little bit of redneck/hippie/flowerchild in me still! lol
God bless us all!~ Thanks! Elizabeth "Izzy"

Susan Waltner
[Norman, OK]

Frederick Wantland
[Jenks, OK]

Bruce Ward

Carol Ward Harber
[Yukon, OK]

Gina Warren
[Coppell, TX]
I got married in 1984 to a wonderful man named Darren Pace, had one daughter who is now 24 yrs old.  Then moved to Phoenix in 1989 and divorced in 1991 but continued to date until 1995.  Just this past year 2009 I moved to Dallas to be closer to my family.   I have never remarried and I'm now a grandmother.... Yes, it's true I became a grandmothe at the age of 45.

I've been told that I wasn't able to be reached for the other reunions.... but now I have been found and I'm looking foward to seeing and catching up with everyone.

Carol Warwick Abel
Norman, OK]
I was a stay at home mom and home-maker for almost 18 yrs.  I worked at " our " restaurant , Switzer's Lighthouse , for the duration that it was open. I managed the gift shop. I have done interior decorating on & off for the last 20 yrs part time. Including 'faux finish' painting, wallpapering, and landscaping. I am currently considering going back to school. I just am not sure yet! I have 1 daughter that just got married and a 4 yr old granddaughter that is the light of my life.

Dana Waters
[Tulsa, OK]

Elayne Watt
[Norman, OK]

Karen Watts Garnett
[Springfield, MO]

Teresa Watts

Kevin Way

Susan Weaver Bevills
[Sawyer, OK]
Just working and trying to get the kids all raised. My oldest son, Steven is 28 and he and his wife live in Houston.Finally got him out of college and he has a really good job as a Saftey Engineer. My middle son, Terry is 22 and he works with my husband building rail for the railroad. My daughter Heather, is 18. She is graduating high school and fixing to go to college to start pre med and play college softball. When I get her off to school, it will be empty nest time. I'll have more time to catch up with everyone.

David Webb
[Riverside, CA]
  I’ve been in construction most of my whole life. After going through the school of hard knocks I’ve been able to work my way up to being a project manager for a commercial construction company.
   In 1987 somehow I convinced a beautiful and intelligent woman,( Laura Marie) to marry me. With that she has blessed me with 2 great kids, Christopher now 18 and a freshman in college,(who seems to have her brains.) And my little princess Ciara now 11,(who seems to be more like me. She just wants to play and have a good time…GREAT!)
   As for me I refused to grow up. I still do wild and crazy things. Recently I’ve learned how to sky dive and for the past 9 years I’ve been a voluntary employee for the Riverside County Sherriff’s office, doing mountain rescue. Flying out of helicopters and hanging out on the sides of cliffs. On the other side for the past 3 years I’ve served on the church council at St. Paul Lutheran Church. One year as V.P., and the past two as President… Go figure!
   In closing I would like to follow Brett Walkers lead in setting the story strait. One, I have been to Hawaii but no I was never in jail there. Two, I didn’t get kicked out of Central for drinking a whole bottle of Vodka and going back to school, it was only three quarters of a bottle and it was cherry Vodka. Any way I look forward to seeing all of you again at our 30th. Until then take care and may the Lord be with us all.  

Amy Weber
[Los Angeles, CA]

Gary Webster

Cliff Weeks

Aviva Weiss Grele
[Bainbridge Island, WA]

Jim Welch
[Norman, OK]

Debby West
[Longmont, CO]
I graduated HS early and moved to Jackson, Wy, so I missed out on all the graduation festivities.... but I did learn to ski.  Graduated OU with a BBA in Finance and from the University of Denver with a Masters in Communications. I now work as a web designer/consultant, and love the freedom of working from home.  I have a daughter, Coral, who is in college in Durango, and has turned out to be a wonderful human being. I try to enjoy the mountains as much as I can.... camp, hike (look for rocks, berries, or mushrooms), 4-wheel, canoe, play softball, ski (downhill), mountain bike (downhill), soak at the hot springs, and recently learning to ride my Sportster. I love living in beautiful Boulder, but haven't become a Buffs fan, still a Sooner at heart!



Kathy West

John West
[Edmond, OK]

Suzie West Murray
[Edmond, OK]
I left norman in 1980. Ive been in a lot of different states, and 1 other country.  I married and had two children. My son is in his 4th year at o.u. my daughter is in middle school here in Edmond.

This was fun looking through old pictures, but really who are you people?!  Ha ha its been a longer than it seems. It was brought to my attention some of you still think John West was my twin, or my boyfriend. He is neither.Some days I wont even admit this: He is my older Brother. Keep a sense of humor and all will go well.

Sally Weyneth Thomas
[Rock Hill, SC]
I moved to South Carolina and have been here ever since. I own Thomas Gymnastics in Rock Hill S.C. which is 20 minutes south of Charlotte N.C. I also teach golf and Aerobic walking for Winthrop University. I love being a mother to my daughter Ashleyanne who is 17 and my son Triston who is 10.

Lisa Wharton Mattich
[Plano, TX]

Laura Wheeler
[Norman, OK]

Paula Wheeler Swing
[Norman, OK]

Tamara Wheeler

Jeff Wheelock
[Phoenix, AZ]

Tom Whinery
[Norman, OK]

Mark White
[Norman, OK]
1980 - OU, Working in a formula car raceshop.

1984- 1989 Ran an international women's cycling team also was permanent resident coach at US Olympic Training Center. Took US Womens Team to Europe. Worked with German and Dutch National Teams.

1989-2000 Lived in NYC while working at Bloomberg Financial.

2000 Moved to Newport Beach working with a NYSE Floor Broker.

2004 EVP,Sr Managing Director Staszheim Global Advisors

2008 Consultant for Marco Polo Networks- Developing Country Equity Trading platform.

2009- Executive Consultant for MAP Consulting.  Help companies get through these interesting times and be ready for the hopefully soon recovery.

4 kids Kelly,6, Cole,8, Jaxon,14, Jessica,20. the two young ones(toe head blondes)are mine from a previous marriage and the 2 older ones(100% redheads,take after their mom)from Judy.  Now the older two are mine,adopted them last year.

Mainly coaching kids sports and keeping Cole's go kart running, very fast kid. Kelly swimming and sync swimming. Jaxon starting football. Small kid 6'1" 235. Jessica trying to figure out what to do.  Trying some college now. 

Loving my wife even though her hobby of jumping out of airplanes is interesting. She has around 800 jumps. Only one major injury double femur break at 3000ft May 2008.Oops.

Rod White
[Norman, OK]

Patti Whitman
[Pottsboro, TX]

Alan Whitney
[Houston, TX]

Todd Wiens
[Norman, OK]
I have been selling homes, since 2005.  I am a Realtor with Dillard Group Real Estate in Norman.  I've lived in L.A., Las Vegas, Dallas 2x, Tulsa and OKC, but you can't beat Norman for quality of life.

Mike Wilborn
[Norman, OK]

Joel Thomas Wilcox

Mandy Wilkerson
[Norman, OK]
How do you compress so many years into a short blurb? 

I have two children.  My daughter is 27, and graduated from OU with a degree in architecture.  She is employed with a firm in OKC, working on her license.

My son is 23, and getting his life back on track.  I am hoping he will go back to college in the fall.

I am single, again.  But life is good, and full of promise.  If you see me out and about in Norman, say something, and for goodness sake, tell me your name.  I remember your faces as you were 30 years ago.  I've changed, so the rest of you have, too.

Gary Williams

  Jimmy Williams
[Yorba Linda, CA]
Was married from 1982-1992 to Lisa Ferris and had 2 boys, Was in the U.S.Army from '83 to '87, lived in Fort Worth (Bedford) TX till around '92 and been in Cali every since.
Married Donna in 2000 and we raised her boy and girl. Got made a 2007.


Shelly Williams McSparrin
[Yukon, OK]
Married my college sweetheart, had 4 great kids. Zac is 24 played golf, and got his BA from OSU, then his MBA from OCU, Jake is 23 with an BA from OCU, and both have real grown up jobs. Maddie is 17 and a Junior @ ENH, and Luke is 14 in 8th grade. They have kept me very busy from golf, tennis, soccer and swimming. They are great kids, and I truely feel blessed to be their mom. Divorced last year, after 25 years, but I am looking forward to the next 25. 

Steve Williams
[Norman, OK]

Wiliam Williams
[Kingston, OK]

Terry Williamson
[Purcell, OK]

Debbie Wilmoth Beardshear

Allen Wilson

Beth Wilson
[Norman, OK]

Brian Wilson

Doug Wilson
[Magnolia, TX]
Moved to Dallas and got married after OU.  Then moved to Bolivia (South America) for 3 years, back to Dallas for 2 years, Amarillo for 3 years and now living in Tulsa working for a medical software company as an engineer for the past 8 years.

I'm keeping up with what my dad did by coaching my kids (girl and a boy) in softball/baseball/football or whatever they are doing that I know how to play.

Harry Wilson

Jeff Wilson
[Norman, OK]

Connie Windes Zieba
[Taylor Lk Village, TX]

Steve Wines
[Shawnee, OK]

Eric Winn
[Norman, OK]

Mike Winters

Sarita Witcher LaCour
[Allen, TX]

Tony Wolf

Carl Wood
[Norman, OK]
I work at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History and I also host a radio show each Friday night called The Rock and Roll Diner:

My wife Pam is a Meteorologist at the National Severe Storms Lab in Norman. She earned her Ph.D in 2004 - the same year we were married.

We live in N.W. Norman with our little dog Rudi.

Jennifer Woods

Teresa Wood Thomas
[Norman, OK]

Karon Woodard Shivers
[Noble, OK]

Scott Woodward
[Norman, OK]

Lisa Worley

Donald Woolery

Shirley Wren
[Norman, OK]

Candy Wyaco Cypert
[Edmond, OK]
Attended college at OU and Oklahome City University.  Lived in Hollywood, California where I worked as a legal assistant and was married for a short time then divorced.  Also lived in Dallas, TX before returning to OKC where I met my second husband Clif who I've been married to for 12 years and we have a son named Sam. We are recently starting our own insurance business.  


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