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198o Norman High Alumni 

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Bonnie Zamudio Pappas
[Prosper, TX]

Stephanie Zeiders Smith
[Edmond, OK]

Andrew Zelby
[River Forest, IL]
This is a picture of our three girls and my wife, Cindy.  We have lived in the suburbs of Chicago for the past 21 years, and love it here, but really do not like the winters so much.  Our youngest is Allison, age 15.  She is a freshman in high school, and likes it a lot.  She plays tennis in the fall and lacrosse in the spring, and hangs out a lot with her friends.  Karen is 18, and she is a freshman at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  She is going to major in Business, and seems to be having a great time in college.  Elaine is 21, and is a senior at Stanford.  She is going to graduate with a degree in biomechanical engineering, and plans to stay at Stanford for a masters in mechanical engineering.  After that she is will get a job, and so far, her industry still has good job opportunities.  Cindy is the office manager in our practice, and oversees three neurosurgeons, plus physician assistants, physical therapists and generally keeps the practice going.  I am a neurosurgeon, and have been in private practice for the last 12 years, after leaving an academic university practice.  We have had enjoyed living here in Chicago, have raised three great kids, and are managing to have a great time in the process. 

Diane Zibolsky McElfresh
[Stevenson, WA]
After I graduated I moved away to Alburquerque. I moved back to Norman and had my oldest daughter Brittany who is now 21 and is a CNA. I moved away again to Las Vegas, NV to be close to my parents. Met and married my husband and had three more children Rachel (is a senior in high school), Meghan (is a sophmore) and Zachary (is in sixth grade). I divorced in 2002. I now live in Stevenson, WA and I work for Skamania County Public Works. I stay busy with work and my children. I wish I could have been there for our 30th Reunion but my niece was graduating from high school. Will have to make it next time!


So things have changed quite a bit since I last posted on here. I do still work for Skamania County Public Works. My oldest is now 24 and still working as a CNA. Rachel is 21 and married to Brandon who is in the Navy, Meghan is 18 and attends Western Washington University and is not sure on a major yet, and my son is 15, freshman in High School and loves playing football.
I love hiking and try to get out when the weather is nice and explore the Gorge. Last summer my mom and I went on quite a few hikes on trails we had not been on before and we both have live out here for out 15 years now. It is absolutely beautiful here! Wouldn't mind a little more sunshine sometimes but can't complain.
Last year I went zip lining for the first time and that was so much fun. Looking forward to a new year and hope to make it to next years Reunion.

Christi Zorger Wilson
[Norman, OK]
Since highschool, I have been married, divorced, and have taken an interest in stained glass art. I have also completed my BA in Political Science.

I have been fighting a bout with my seizures but am healthy - and I thank the Lord for that.

I am on the Board of Directors of Thunderbird Clubhouse and take an active role at the Clubhouse.


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