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Jimmie & Jackie (Strong) Moss' sons:  Blake & Derek Moss Carol Hodam's kids:  Drew & Chad Castillo
Robert & Renee (Cockerham) Coffman's cubs:  Rivers & Tyler

Betsy Trousdales' twins, Jeannie & Leo Yamazaki
Mark Atkins kids:  Mary Alyson, Meagan and Elmer Jr.
Greg Leffler's son, Kyle
Greg Leffler's other son, Jacob



Kim Hayes' son, Cameron Ehn
 David Patterson's kids, Amy & Jason
One of Kim Butler's kids, Sean Flynt
Kim Butler's other kids, Calli and Taylor

Bryce Hulsey's son, Graeme
Chris Harshbergers' kids, Jim and Loren
Darl Deo's kids: Tasha and Chas
Becky Steven's cubs:  Katie, Ryan and Kelle Nett

Diane Deatherage's daughter, Stephanie

Eileen Saunders daughters, Jennifer & Emma Holloway
Russell Buhite's son, Nick
Pat Eisel's son, Drake

Bob & Marsha (Looper) Roberson's kids, Zach,Cody & Justin
Sheila Reynolds' daughters, Andrea and Celia Brumfield
Lisa Oliver's kids:  Evan & Sydney McAuliffe
Dewey Coffmans kids:  Isaac, Julia, Elle and John

Kathleen Batchelor's daughter, Kate Brennan
Connie Mantooth's kids:  Ryan & Catherine Kramer
Two of Sumit Nanda's kids:  Aria and Arjun (not pictured is Asha)
Margie Bond's cubs: Eric, Michelle, Jordan, Cale & Madison Richardson and grandchild Haley

Greg Scoggin's son, Drew
Carla Schneringer's daughters: 
Jessie and Katie Jones

Donna Spor's sons:  Ryan & Austin McGuire
Danny Eddy's daughter, Ashley and her son Noah