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GATHERING PHOTOS  Click photo to enlarge
Bob Morris, David Patterson
Thad Beebe, Georgia Knight,

  Craig and Paul
Bob Morris, David Patterson
Thad Beebe, Chris Harshberger
Thad Beebe, Georgia Knight,
Bob Morris, David Patterson
Marty Tompkins, Jack Greenway
Craig Riley and Paul Charles

Dave and Thad Dave and Thad Georgia and Greg Georgia and Cliff
Dave Patterson and Thad Beebe
David Patterson and Jack Greenway
Georgia Knight and Greg Leffler
Georgia Knight and Cliff Chiles

Greg and David Greg, Mary & Bob Lisa, Greg & Kim Marty, Jack, Lisa & Kim
Greg Leffler and David Patterson
Greg Leffler, Mary Ryan & Bob Morris
Lisa Northcutt, Greg Leffler
& Kim Butler
Marty Tompkins, Jack Greenway,
Lisa Northcutt & Kim Butler

Bob Morris "Hook 'em Horns"  2/20/09
David Patterson, Jackie Strong Moss, Bob Morris, Carrie Reynolds
Fred Brown, Rusty Buhite
Feb. 2009

Gerilou Munday and Karen Watts
March 2009

Lloyd Guthrie, Greg Leffler
Greg Leffler, Carrie Reynolds, Tanya (Emory) & Lloyd Guthrie
Georgia Knight, Greg Leffler, Mike DeBerry, Carrie Reynolds, Betsy Trousdale
Carrie Reynolds, Georgia Knight, Betsy Trousdale

Paul Charles, Darl Deo
August, 2009
Bob Morris, Ken Bernard, Cynthia Neighbors
Oct 30, 2009
Mike DeBerry, Lee Mitchell, Pat Rowden (NHS 1981)
Ron Davis, Tammi Hardcastle, Ken Bernard, Cynthia Neighbors

Dawn McGuckin, Laurie Dixon
Shelly Williams, Dewey Coffman
Susan Johns, Margie Bond
Susan Johns, Mary Ryan

Carrie Reynolds, Kim Taylor
David Armstrong, Randy Bacon, Greg Leffler
Kim Butler, David Armstrong
Greg Leffler, Brett Walker

Randy Pickard, Bob Morris
Jack Greenway, Susan Waltner
Randy Pickard, Jack Greenway, Susan Waltner, Bob Morris  5.26.2010