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GATHERING PHOTOS  Click photo to enlarge

Keith Curlee
Mike Deberry, Craig Runkle
Adam Jackson
Chris Harshberger,
David Webb

Mike Winters, Bill Blankenchip, Chip Herring

Karen, Betsy, Chip, Georgia, Thad, Carrie
Karen Carter Shaw and Betsy Trousdale Yamazaki Georgia Knight, Thad Beebe, Carrie Reynolds, Mark Heard
Georgia Knight, Craig Riley
Adam Jackson,
David Patterson

Gary Webster, Danny Eddy,
Jimmie Moss
Danny Eddy, Bob Roberson,
Jimmie Moss
Marty & Robin Tompkins, Jack Greenway
Jimmie Moss,
Dennis Strawhun
Gary Grotts

Bob Morris
Carrie Reynolds, Bob Morris, Lisa Northcutt, Craig Riley, Kim Butler
Chris Harshberger, Bob Morris
Craig Riley, Lisa Northcutt, Mike DeBerry
Lisa Northcutt, Craig Riley, Bob Morris, Kim Butler

Vicki Bledsoe, Carrie Reynolds, Jackie Moss
Lisa Northcutt, Mike DeBerry, Kim Butler
Pam Rowland, Carrie Reynolds, Kelly Dobry
Pam Rowland, Mike DeBerry, Kelly Dobry, Chris Harshberger