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GATHERING PHOTOS  Click photo to enlarge

Darl Deo & Craig Riley
Chris Harshberber, Craig Riley,
Rhonda Stermer, Mark Shebester

Marcie Horrell Hinthorne, Rusty Buhite
Dawn McGuckin Fisher, Lisa Reed
Seattle, WA during OU/WA game 9/08

Betsy Trousdale Yamazaki,
Carrie Reynolds,
Georgia Knight
Christmas 1989

Karen Carter, Georgia Knight, Carrie Reynolds, Jackie Moss
Georgia's 40th b-day party!

Mike DeBerry, Thad Beebe
Halloween, 1991

Bruce Zavatsky, Mike DeBerry and
Andy Kantowski, 2001

Adam Jackson, Greg Leffler,
Marty Tompkins, Brett Walker

Ricky Bacon, Brett Walker, Adam
Jackson, Marty Tompkins, Jack

Jeff Paris, Georgia Knight

Osage Reunion, Oct 31, 2008
Brett Walker

Greg Leffler,
Adam Jackson

Ricky Bacon, Brett
Walker, Jack Greenway

Greg Leffler,
Brett Walker

Kurt Kahoe, David Armstrong, Georgia Knight, Tony Wolf, Gary Grotts

Mark Shebester, Georgia Knight
Kelly Potts, Darl Deo, Ricky Calvert, Carrie Reynolds, Mike Floyd
Sam Shipley, Carrie Reynolds, Greg Kile, Betsy Trousdale
Shane Martin
Teresa Hetheringon, Brad Quinlan

Thad Beebe, Betsy Trousdale, Mark Heard
Tony Wolf, Shane Martin, Gary Webster (1981)
Georgia Knight, Thad Beebe
David Armstrong, Robert Cuadrado (1981)
Jimmie Moss, Carrie Reynolds, Mike DeBerry, 2002