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6:00 Republic Bank & Trust, Main Street, Norman
In attendance:  Jackie Strong Moss, Carrie Reynolds, Mariann Downing Lawson, Jeff LeCrone, Adam Jackson, Vidki Bledsoe Walden.  Karyn Masters, Valerie Green Robinson

A date was set,  June 26, 27 2015..  Where is to be determined later. 
Jeff LeCrone will be heading the Golf tournament again. 
Adam will make the Memorial plaques again.
Jackie and Belinda will keep the bank account
Carrie will continue to do the Website w/ help from Vicki

The committee decided not to have the band play this time, so people can talk easily and not have to leave the room, and/or leave the party. 

It was discussed to keep monies separate, as both  clases have money left over from their last reunions.  We will probably use the same sign up forms on-line, but somehow have it split when the different classes sign up, so as the money will go into the appropriate accounts. 

Carrie and Valerie will check into Friday nite venue's.  Mariann will check into the Embassy for the Saturday nite party.

A date was set for the next meeting,  Tuesday, April 1 at Louis, 5:30.  Anyone interested in joining us, are welcome!

The meeting ended at 9:00pm

Reunion 2010 Minutes

7:00 B.J.'s Restaraunt, Norman OK
In attendance:  Jackie Strong, Elaine Idell, Renee Cockerham, Jeff LeCrone, Diane Deatherage, Kevin Daffer, Adam Jackson, Carrie Reynolds

A date was set for the 30th reunion:  July 2, 3, & 4, 2010.  So far, activities will include a Golf Tournament at the OU Golf Course (details later) on Friday, July 2 in the afternoon.  Friday, July 2, evening:  Meet -n- Greet at Bill's Restaraunt (formerly, Mr. Bills, Pappy's etc.,) in Stubbman Village on OU's campus; Saturday TBA; Sunday, July 4, picnic at Andrews Park (behind Norman's library)

Cliff Chiles, owner of Bill's Restaraunt, has graciously accepted my request to use his place at NO CHARGE!!  Unless we want a food buffet.

A "LOST" list was given to the committee memebers, as of last nite there are ONLY 195 of us to find!

Jeff LeCrone will be planning the Golf Tournament and also checking into the cost of the new Embassy Suite Hotel for possible Saturday nite festivities.

Jackie Moss & Mariann Downing Lawson will be checking into the procedures of money handling.  Jackie will also be checking into the Casino and the Barn for possible Saturday nite festivities

Carrie will be checking into the cost of using the OU Ballroom for possible Saturday nite festivities.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 3, 2009 at B.J.'s

Meeting ended 9:20pm

7:00 B.J.'s Restaraunt, Norman OK
In attendance:  Jackie Strong, Elaine Idell, Renee Cockerham, Jeff LeCrone, Diane Deatherage, Kevin Daffer, Adam Jackson, Carrie Reynolds, Belinda McCorkle and Matt Hinkle.

After some complaints about the date set for the 30th reunion, the committee voted on June 18, 19, 20, 2010.  The golf tournament will still be that friday (18th) w/ the "Meet n Greet" at Bills' Restaraunt Friday nite.  

Saturday afternoon is still up for grabs,  a "hay day" was suggested for classmates w/ children, or a picnic at one of the parks.  Saturday evening's location is still TBA.  Places talked about were the OU Memorial Union, The Embassy Suites.

The meeting ended 9:00pm
- the next meeting will be Tuesday April 14 at B.J.'s

7:00 B.J.'s Restaraunt, Norman, OK

In attendance:  Robert & Renee Coffman, Jeff LeCrone, Dawn McGuckin, Cliff Chiles, Elaine Idell, Kevin Daffer, Carrie Reynolds, Jackie Strong

The "Found" and "Lost" lists were handed out to each member along w/ information on Friday nite options for Bill's Restaraunt (aka Mr. Bills, Pappys, etc.,), care of Cliff Chiles, owner- Thanx Cliff!!!  The committee opted for Proposal #3:  No charge to have Friday nite festivities at Bill's.  That means, there will be no hors deuvers - people that will want to order food will be able to do so, but individually and individually charged.  Cliff will reserve one side of the restaraunt for the reunion.  Bill's Restaraunt is a smoking bar so NO ONE under 21 is allowed in.

Renee is going to check into opening an NHS 1980 bank account and eventually starting a PayPal account.
She is also working on the "LOST" list

The Saturday nite party is still in the planning stage.  The committee will be visiting possible places, so stay tuned....

The meeting ended 9:00pm - the next meeting will be Tuesday, May 5, 7:00 at the Embassy Suites Hotel
June 19 meeting will be at Bill's Restauraunt, Stubbman Village, 8:00

7:00 Embassy Suites Hotel, Norman, OK

In attendance:  Matt Hinkle, Diane Deatherage, Carrie Reynolds, Jackie Strong, Renee Cockerham, Jeff LeCrone, Adam Jackson, Elaine Idell, Kevin Daffer

Renee reported that she had made several contacts on "Lost" classmates list.  

Renee also reported on information about how to start a Reunion Committee checking account.  McClain Bank was chosen to service the account.  Two people will be elected to be on the account at the next meeting.  The committee will each pay a $50.00-$75.00 fee to open the account.  

Jackie volunteered to let the class use her PO box  for reunion payment dues. Thanx, Jackie!  A Paypal account will also be established and posted on this website soon.

A decision will be made in the next 2 months for a place to hold the reunion and costs for classmates.  The committee was given a tour of the Embassy Suite's facilities.  

There are a few more places to be looked into, i.e., Holiday Inn in Norman, NCED Conference Center & Hotel in the Postal Training Center in Norman (Hwy 9) and Sooner Legends Hotel.

Diane volunteered to do the Power Point presentation that will be shown throughout the Saturday nite event.  She and Renee also volunteered to do the Memory Book.  - Thanx ya'll!

The committee will be voting on officers at the next meeting.  If anyone would like to join us for that, we'll be at Bills Restaraunt (Mr. Bills, Pappy, etc.) in Stubbman Village at 8:00pm

The meeting ended 9:15pm.

8:00pm Bill's Restaraunt, Norman, OK

In attendance:  Mary Ryan, Adam Jackson, Renee Cockerham, Patti Appl, Jackie Strong, Kevin Daffer, Cliff Chiles, Elaine Idell, Carrie Reynolds

Carrie handed out the current "Found" and "Lost" lists.  She also gave examples of the registration forms used by the class of 1986 and 1978/1979. 

The Friday nite meet - n - greet will be at Bills Restauraunt, 7:00pm, thanx to Cliff Chiles, owner!

Kevin reported that the next meeting will be held at the Norman Postal Training Center, 7:00 on July 14. 

After this meeting, a decision will be made as to where the Saturday nite party will be held.  Along w/ costs, food, rooms, etc.

A paypal account will be set up, a checking account and address will be set up also.

The meeting ended 10:30pm

7:00 US Postal Center, Hwy 9, Norman, OK

In attendance:  Kevin Daffer, Elaine Idelle, Carrie Reynolds, Jackie Strong, Adam Jackson

A tour of the facility was given by Candie Westbrook.  This place is amazing!  The price is cheap, there are LOTS of things we can utilize here - even if you don't rent a room, because we'd have the reunion there - IF we have the reunion there, that is!  An Olympic size pool, huge weight room, regulation size backeball court, and LOTS more.  The room rates are very good too:  $89.00 queen size room if you update to a suite, it's $40.00 more and there is a roll out couch bed that they put a real size mattress on.  For those that may be getting a room, you are given a free breakfast. 

They also have a tie to Cobblestone Golf Course.  Altho it's a 9 hole course, we would be able to play it again to make it 18-hole.  Registration to play would be conducted by them.

An EMERGENCY meeting has been called for Thursday, July 23, 7:00 US Postal Center.  For those who would like to vote on where to have the reunion, please come.

The meeting ended 8:00ish

7:00 US Postal Center, Hwy 9, Norman, OK

In attendance:  Adam Jackson, Renee Cockerham, Jackie Strong, Carrie Reynolds, LuAnn Lane, Belinda McCorkle, Elaine Idell, Kevin Daffer

After a brief tour to those that were unfamailiar with the Postal Center and an explanation of all the things they offer, a vote was taken by the committee.  It was unanimous for the Postal Center.

The Postal Center offers:  Queen Size bd rooms @ $89.00/nite, $129.00 suite
Complimentary Breakfast for 2 for those that stay the nite


A link will be posted soon, on this website for room reservation and Golf Tournament sign up!
Another link will be posted for PayPal and/or an address for payment for the actual reunion  when the cost is determined.

The Golf Tournament is still under negiations, we will announce the outcome soon...........

The meeting ended 8:30ish

7:00 BJ's, Norman, OK

In attendance:  Mike Winters, Leslie Sweatte, Kevin Daffer, Elaine Idell, Carrie Reynolds, Belinda McCorkle, Jeff LeCrone, Matt Hinkle, Diane Deatherage

Bruce Enterline (NHS 1978) was approved to hire as the "party pic" photographer.  Cost only for pictures orderd

Discussions on what package to get for the Postal Center.  It will depend on how many people attend as to what the cost of the banquet rooms/food/etc., will be. 

The picnic may be moved from the Postal Center to Reeves on Saturday afternoon.  We are not allowed to bring our own food to the Postal Center for the picnic.

Diane agreed to do the Power Point presentation and will be requesting pictures and bio's from classmates soon.  She also volunteered to do the Memory Book

Elaine is working on the first mail out via snail mail.  After the snail mail, notifications will be done thru email!!

Belinda and Jackie will open the NHS 1980 Alumni checking account. 

Adam (tho not there) has agreed to design and sell NHS 1980 Alum T-shirts

Carrie is exhausted.........

The meeting ended 9:00pm

7:00 Renee & Robert Coffman's house, Goldsby, OK

In attendance:  Jeff LeCrone, Robert Coffman, Renee  Cockerham Coffman, Jackie Strong Moss, Carrie Reynolds, Adam  Jackson, Luann Lane Stuart, Belinda McCorkle Calvin, Diane Deatherage Schroeder

Decisions were made for the following:

The initial mailout registration will be sent via snail mail in January, 2010 - ALL OTHER CORRESPONDANCE WILL BE VIA EMAIL, except to those that don't/won't use email. 

Jackie and Belinda will set up the checking account this Saturday (9/19).  After which a PayPal account will be set up and put on this website .  You can pay by check to the PO Box. or  online via PayPal.

The big decision of the evening was to change the location of Saturday nite's party.  Everyone was in agreement, that while the Postal Center had a lot of great perks, it is difficult to gain easy access to the building, in that, going thru a check in gate keeper could prove to be time consuming.  The Embassy Suites was brought up again.  Jeff will contact them and negotiate the same - if not better - terms.  As soon as he reports back to the committee a final decision will be made, again!

Sub Committee's were formed:

Fund Raising:  Belinda
Golf Tournament:  Jeff, Robert, Adam
T-shirts:  Adam
Memory Book:  Diane, Luann
Checking Account:  Jackie, Belinda
Power Point Presentation:  Renee
Mail out(s):  Elaine, Kevin
Website maintenance:  Carrie
Posters, etc; and all around "stand there and look pretty": Matt

The next scheduled meeting will be Tuesday, October 13, 7:00, Embassy Suites Hotel, in Norman

The meeting ended at 9:15

7:00 Embassy Suites Hotel, Norman, OK

In attendance:  Matt Hinkle, Jeff LeCrone, Robert Coffman, Kevin Daffer, Diane Deatherage, Renee Cockerham, Elaine Idell, Carrie Reynolds, Jackie Strong, Belinda McCorkle, Ron Davis

Elaine handed out rough draft invitations for the first and ONLY snail mail that will go out the end of January 2010.  Carrie will load the invitation on this website when it is complete.

Jackie reported on monies collected.  $1470.00 has been raised so far!  Thanx to all that have donated/paid!

Carrie handed out rough draft NHS 30 year reunion t-shirt drawings made by Adam Jackson.  The committee all agreed on the "stone-wash" look on a grey t-shirt.  Diane suggested we use the same logo for the memory book.

Carrie also handed out an Agenda list,  the latest "LOST" list and a list of hotels in Norman.

Jeff and Robert are going to check into potential Golf Courses for the Golf tournament. Jeff is also going to get a proposal from his Embassy Suite contact for the next meeting.

The next meeting was set for Tuesday, October 27, 7:00 Embassy Suite

The meeting ended 8:45

5:30 Embassy Suites Hotel, Norman, OK

Two resignation letters were given to and accepted by Carrie to SIGN .  Kevin Daffer & Elaine Eidell Crawford  resigned being committee members,  per their request, because of irreconsilable differences w/ the committee. 

In attendance:  Carrie Reynolds, Adam Jackson, Robert & Renee Coffman, Diane Deatherage, Belinda McCorkle, Mariann Downing, Jeff LeCrone

Mariann worked up a comparison between the Embassy Suites and the NCED Postal Center.  It is OFFICIAL, the reunion will be held at the Embassy Suites Hotel on Saturday, June 19, 2010.  The committee will decide on food at the next meeting.

Renee showed a power point presentation that she had been working on - great job Renee!

Belinda reported on the bank account balance

Jeff is going to (again) work on the Golf Tournament with Robert

The picinic will be on Saturday, June 19, noon, Reeves Park - byo

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 1 at Mariann Downing Lawson's home.  6:00pm

The meeting ended at 8:00pm

6:30, Mariann Downing Lawson's Home, Norman, OK

In attendance:  Matt Hinkle, Mariann Downing, Diane Deatherage, Belinda McCorkle, Carrie Reynolds, Jackie Strong, Jeff LeCrone, Adam Jackson


Jeff will get information from Westwood sometime between now and just after the first of the year and get that info to Carrie for the invitation. Belinda is working on getting the PayPal account set up and the info to Carrie.
Dewey is working on getting the Memory Book, Invitation/Registration/golf course info written for Carrie to transfer over to the website.  He can also set up the PayPal account w/ a “shopping cart”!  

Adam is going to email a picture of the t-shirt he’s designed,  to Carrie.

Diane will email  any changes to the Memory Book to Carrie.

 As soon as Carrie get's all this info, She'll put it on the invitations and run them off in time for the next meeting and we’ll all be stuffin and lickin THE ENVELOPES!

Carrie bought a NHS 1980 Alumni return address stamp to use on all the envelopes – she had 250 envelopes, but willl need more.  Carrie can pick those up.  The labels are done, Renee’s gonna double check my work and then Carrie will run them. 


Jackie handed out the account receivable pages. 

Bob Morris went w/ Jackie and Carrie to the Embassy last Wednesday.  He came up w/ a great idea to split the huge room by 1/3 so the band can be as loud as they want but not disturb the people in the adjoining room(s).  This way, he/we may not need to pay $500.00 for the extra PA stuff he would need.  If he does, then the committee agreed that it would pay the $500.00 needed for the equipment.  Bob also told me that they get $500.00 per gig.  The committee also agreed to pay that, seeing as how we’re asking Bob and Dave to “work” their reunion and Nate and Chris aren’t even in our class but are still “working” for us.   <>

Special Items:

Belinda made a list of all of or lost classmates and it was divided among us.  The plan is to borrow their senior pic's (or whatever we can get) from their families, (8 X 10), get it color copied, return the pic to their families, and we’ll make a memorial tribute to them.  She will email the list to us separately.   Renee may also want to put those pics on her Power Point presentation? 
The next meeting is Tuesday, January 12, 6:30 at Mariann’s

The meeting ended 8:45pm

6:30 Mariann Downing Lawson's home, Norman, OK

In attendance:  Adam Jackson, Carrie Reynolds, Jackie Strong Moss, Renee Cockerham Coffman, Belinda McCorkle Calvin, Diane Deatherage Schroeder, Mariann Downing Lawson

Carrie reported on the Lost/Found lists and website updates
Jackie handed out the account receivable pages;  Two more classmates sent in their money early
Adam reported on the design of the reunion t-shirts
Belinda reported on the Memorial "to do" list - Matt will put together

A few adjustments were made on the invitations, final copies will be printed this weekend.  The mailout is scheduled to go out on Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jeff was unable to attend but he sent information on the Golf Tournament:  Friday, June 18, 11:00am, Westwood Golf Course.  2 man scramble, $40.00/person

Carrie handed out copies of the contract from the Embassy for room rates.  The contract will be signed this weekend.  We will begin w/ 10 rooms at $119/room which includes a warm breakfast.  We can get more rooms as needed at the same price.

Carrie will contact the Embassy regarding late registration/food, etc., and she will contact Wally Kerr, NHS 1979 to see how they handled late registrations.  This will be discussed at the next meeting.  She will also contact Cliff  Chiles, owner of Bills' Restaraunt, regarding food to be served on Friday nite.

Belinda is going to talk to her brother-in-law regarding getting the invitation/golf tournament/Memory book/t-shirts and PayPal put on the website before the invitations go out.  People will be able to register either on this website or by the paper invitation and mail. (Hopefully)

The next meeting is Monday, February 8, 6:30pm @ Renee's house

The meeting adjourned at 8:45pm

6:30 Ray's BBQ on Lindsey, Norman, OK

In attendance:  Matt, Adam, Jackie, Carrie, Diane and Jeff

Jackie reported on PayPal procedures, A/R and  money spent on postage for reunion invitations
The Post Office returned ~60 invitations, 10 of which were incorrect addresses and  50 were due to more postage needed - even tho they had delivered ~550 with the same amount of postage!
Jackie met Carrie at the Post Office to buy additional stamps to re-mail those that were returned for that reason

Carrie reported an addition to the "Memorial" page, Marjory Murphy who died of cancer in 2007.  Her twin sister, Sharon will email picture and obit to Carrie soon.

Matt will work on the dedication to the classmates that have passed that will be on display at the reunion.  Renee will also put the pictures on the power point presentation that she's working on.

Diane reported on "Memory Book" forms that have been received.

Carrie handed out the invitations to the committee members (rather than spend money on postage).
Carrie also handed out a new "LOST" list w/ some additions.

The meeting ended at 8:00pm

The next meeting is scheduled for March 15 (Monday of Spring Break), 6:30p TBA

6:30 Ted's Escondido, Norman, OK

In attendance,  Matt, Adam, Jeff, Diane, Marianne, Carrie, Jackie

Jackie reported on A/R, reservations for reunion, t-shirts, golf tournament.

Diane reported on Memory Book updates

Adam reported on T-shirt orders:  The cut off will be 2 weeks before the reunion!!!!  So anyone wanting t-shirts, need to order before June 6, 2010

Carrie reported on Website updates and new "LOST" classmates

Jackie & Carrie received pictures of Lisa Worley, Beth Shepherd, Clark Clarkson, Chuck Lane and Scott Cullins from their parents, to be reproduced for Memorial at reunion and Power Point Presentation.  We are still working on this....

The meeting ended at 8:00

The next meeting is scheduled for April 13, 2010, 6:30  TBA

2:00 Applebee's, Norman, OK

In attendance:  Matt, Adam, Jeff, Diane, Belinda, Carrie, Jackie

Jackie reported on A/R, A/P
Carre reported on Website updates, Found/Lost lists
Diane reported on Memory Book updates - deadline to be May 10, 2010
Jeff will send an email to Jackie to add to her mass email, regarding the Golf tournament reservations
Adam wants all t-shirt orders by June 10

Another payment is due to the Embassy Suites by May 18 (50%!), the balance and food order is due by June 10.

Carrie and Jackie have gotten pictures for the Memorial Tribute; Beth, Clark, Chuck, Scott C., Greg, Scott O., Phil, Marjorie, Lisa.  Adam has Tammy's to email to Jackie.  Carrie has to get back w/ Lauri Byars and Deborah Spradlin's families.

If anyone knows how to contact Jack Armstrong's, Linda Hazlin, John Jarrett and Jay Geis families, please let us know!

Jackie will be sending out a mass email reminding people to get their reunion payments in asap.

The next meeting will be held on May 5 at the Embassy Suites, 6:30

The meeting ended at 3:30

6:30p Embassy Suites, Norman, OK

In attendance:  Matt, Adam, Jeff, Belinda, Carrie, Jackie

Jackie reported on A/R, A/P, Golf Tournament registration. t-shirt orders
Carrie reported on Website updates, Found/Lost lists, Teacher invites, Memorial pictures
Jeff reported on who has "told" him that they will golf - many of which still need to register and pay
Matt will help Adam w/ making the t-shirts
Belinda will contact the Norman Transcript to place an add

Carrie will contact Bruce Enterline (photographer) regarding Group photo and Cliff Chiles (Mr. Bills) to meet w/ us at the next meeting

The menu and table decor was decided on for Saturday nite

More food/beer/wine will be added to Friday nite at Mr. Bills

The next meeting will be held on May 19, 6:30, Mr. Bills

The meeting ended at 9:00p