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9/11/2020 Updated "Index" page and added 3 classmates to the Memorial page, Dan Stanford, Cammie Stehr and Lee Mitchell
1/15/2020 Updated Susan Moore's email and city/state
12/24/2019 Updated Randy Davis  bio blogs, updated Greg Smith's city, Beth Dayton city/state/email
9/5/2019 Updated Tom Dragg bio blog, emails for :inda Crawley, Staci Elder,  Donna Green, Kristina Klehr,  and Doug Wilson
7/3/2019 Updated memorial page:  Tammy Sullivan
1/15/2019 Updated Rick Burris' bio blog
10.16.2017 Updated memorial page:  Cathey Kirk
10.15.2017 Updated memorial page:  Cathrine Crow; updated "NOW" pic of Bruce Affsprung
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8.27.2015 Updated "Memorial" page, Mike Grimwood
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1.20.2014 Updated Bob Morris, Randy Davis, Dena Hall, Benay Stolz, Denise Prater 
1.17.2014 Updated  Cindy Marshall, Dawm McGuckin, Shari Foster, Cathy Crow, Lane Kowitz, Kim Hayes, Greg Smith, Lisa Reed, Barbara McGrath, Carla Schneringer, Laurie Dixon, Cynthia Neighbors, Keith Masters and Kim Bard, Laura Bertinot, Peter Robb, Linda Blatt, Kim, Bard, Beth Kurek & Butch Finnell
1.16.2014 Updated  Diane Deatherage, Mariann Downing, Becky Pickle, Diane Zablosky, Leslie Sweatte,  Amy Trimble, Eileen Saunders, Andy Kantowsky, emails/city/state, blog(s)
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11.6.2012 Updated  Kevin Way  to MEMORIAL page
9/23.2012 Updated Michael Laney's city/state/email; Posted NOW pic of Greg Jensen
9.16.2012 Updated Lane Kowitz and Candy Wyaco's information
9.4.12 Updated Rebecca Vanderburg's BIO BLOG and added her email address
3.27.12 Posted/updated John Roso's bioblog/email/address
1.28.12 Posted "MEMORIAL", Pat Althoff
8.1.11 Changed emails for Scott Seward and Mariann Downing, added Anita Reynolds email, updated Juli Hall's "NOW" pic,  updated Colleen Walsh profile, added Tim Rohrbach, added 3 more GRADESCHOOL class pictures. Added Kyle Wiginton to the Memorial page
3.21.11 Added Brad Garton email/bioblog/city/state
2.22.11 Posted Jimmy Madison on "MEMORIAL" page
12.27.10 Changed Susan Moore's email address & NOW pic; posted POSTHIGHSCHOOL pic
11.23.10 Added Beth Kurek & Tommie Nichols; changed email address for Connie Mantooth, added Cathy Crow's email
11.22.10 Posted Greg Sherbon on "MEMORIAL" PAGE
Added Robert Cuadrado's city/state/email
10.31.10 Posted Rex Perry city/state/email/bio blog
10.5.10 Posted Jenny Dendy's email
9.21.10 Posted Bio Blog for Diane Zibolsky & updated her email address
9.7.10 Changed Ken Mackaprang's email address and added "NOW" pic for him and a "MILITARY" pic
8.15.10 Posted more GRADESCHOOL pics
7.1.10 Posted more 30th year reunion pics on all three  "30 year" pages
6.25.10 Posting pictures from the reunion on 30 year page 2 & 3......stay tuned more to come!
Posted "NOW" pic of Dewey Coffman, posted more GRADESCHOOL pics
6.21.10 Posted GOLF pics on the 30 year page....more to come....
6.20.10 Posted NOW pics for Dan Bergey, Brian Harden, Karen Hudson, David Hunt, Andrew Lanning, Margaret Smith, Debbie Pitt, David Tresmer, Gary Young, Paula Yunice
6.14.10 Posted Margaret Smith's BIO BLOG
6.13.10 Posted Steve Dean's BIO BLOG
6.11.10 Posted CUBS pic of Rivers & Tyler Coffman (Robert & Renee's); posted "NOW" pic of Chris Anderson
6.5.10 Posted Dee Ann Staples bio blog
6.3.10 Posted Karen Knoepfli's bio blog & NOW pic
5.28.10 Posted Hazel Linde's bio blog, posted Julie Cato "NOW" pic
5.26.10 Posted 3 GATHERINGS pics; posted Julie Cato's bio blog
5.25.10 Posted Marty Tompkins Obit, posted an update for Brigette Elliott (bio blog)
5.23.10 Posted a new Classmate to the MEMORIAL page, Marty Tompkins, R.I.P. Marty, we'll all miss you.
Posted 25th reunion pic
5.20.10 Posted new 20year pics, HS pics - Thanx Dyan!  Posted "NOW" pic of David Curcie
; 5.19.10 Posted BIO BLOGS for Susan Weaver and Larry Sasaki
5.12.10 Posted some GRADESCHOOL pics; and two  scnenes from HS pics - thanx to Steve Gould!; posted Laurah Graham bio blog
5.10.10 Posted Kim Bell "NOW" pic bio blog and  Suzy Kienlen's bio blog
5.9.10 Posted Kim Taylor' and Kevin Hayes' bio blogs
5.7.10 Posted Carol Hodam and Donna Spor NOW pic, posted Donna Spor CUBS pic; posted more GRADESCHOOL pics (thanx Dawn)
5.5.10 Posted Dyan Shetley NOW pic and bio blog & Donna Spor  & Dewayne Vanderburg's bio blogs
5.4.10 Posted Pam Balfour-Grice, Allison Blissitt, Gary Young and Lisa Reed's bio blog
5.3.10 Posted Tracey Hales' bio blog
5.1.10 Posted David Armstrong's Bio blog
4.29.10 Posted "NOW" pic of Raul CARL Galaz
4.27.10 Posted Cyndi Neighbors bio blog and NOW pic;  Adam Jackson's bio blog
4.19.10 Updated Marsha Davis' city/state/email
4.11.10 Added Thresa Nelson to "Directory"; posted Kathy Lucas' bio blog; posted 2 GRADESCHOOL pics, 4 "Scenes from Norman High" pics - thanx Betsy!
4.4.10 Posted BIO BLOG for Betsy Trousdale
4.1.10 Posted "HIGHSCHOOL" pics - thanx Shari!
3.31.10 Posted "NOW" pic of Susan Schindler; posted obit for Marjorie Murphy, Eric Ballenger "MEMORIAL"
2.28.10 Posted GATHERINGS pics
2.18.10 Posted "NOW" pic of Steve Dean
2.9.10 Posted Roddey Cohn's email/city/state; updated Reunion Minutes
2.6.10 Posted Bio blog for Tim Nye; Added Marjory Murphy to the Memorial Page.
2.5.10 Posted Anna Dean bio blog/email/city/state and took her off the "LOST" list; updated Toni Lovecchio's city/state/email.  Took names off the "FOUND" list and added  them  to the "LOST" list
2.1.10 Posted 5 Year reunion pics
1.25.10 Posted bio blog for Kim Hayes and Jackie Strong; posted "NOW" pic of Tim Nye ; posted city/state/email and bio  blog for Chris Anderson
1.24.10 Posted NOW pics of David Hilburn and Lisa Plumley
1.23.10 Posted bio blog for Sam Little, Tina Franklin, David Hilburn & Lisa Plumley
1.22.10 Updated LOST list (took off Tracy Hughes, Rick Calvert, Harold Ray); posted Rick Calvert's city/state/email; deleted "Harold Ray" (same as Curtis Ray); Posted Tracy Hughes city/state; posted new bio blog for  Eileen Saunders; posted city/state/email for Cindy Scott
1.16.10 Posted Bio blog and email address for Cathey Kirk.  Updated Dawn McGuckin's bio blog
1.14.10 Posted Bio Blog /NOW pic/ email for Randy Davis
1.11.09 Posted Ted Norman's email/city/state; posted CUBS pics of Dawn Walls
12.29.09 Posted NOW pic of Pam Armstrong
12.16.09 Posted Dawn Walls city/state/email; posted "NOW" pics of  Laurie Dixon and Randy Smith
12.13.09 Posted Bubba (Phil) Reagan's city/state
12.10.09 Posted Michael Kiehn's email, bio blog
11.27.09 Posted 2 GATHERINGS pics, posted "NOW" pic of Jeff Robinson
11.6.09 Posted 3 GATHERINGS pics
10.24.09 Posted GATHERINGS pic of Darl & Paul; updated MINUTES under Reunion Committee page
10.6.09 Posted Randy Thomas city/state/email, updated 'LOST" list
10.03.09 Posted "NOW" pic of Ron Davis
10.01.09 Updated Teresa Hansmeyer's city/state
9.24.09 Posted GATHERINS pic (page 5)
9.21.09 Updated Karla Jensen, Mark Taylor and Paula Wheeler's city/state/email; posted Tim Halley's city/state; posted 2 GATHERING Pics (page 5)
9.18.09 Updated Kevin Hayes city/state/email; Greg Hall's email, Jack Phillips' email
9.17.09 Posted Caren Maffucci's city/state/email
9.15.09 Updated Minutes from last nite's meeting; updated Pam Schulenbergs information; changed "lost" list format
9.14.09 Posted Susan Pingleton's bio blog
9.11.09 Posted Rick Richardsons email, Bill Ross email; Denise Ritter's city/state
9.10.09 Posted Janese Skirlock's email/city/state/bio blog
9.3.09 Posted Carla Farris' email/city/state and bio blog
8.28.09 Posted Sandy Sherman city/state/email
8.25.09 Posted minutes from last nites meeting - go to Reunion Committe, Minutes for details
8.23.09 Posted Stephanie Zeiders email
8.11.09 Posted Susan Prince's bio blog/city/state/email
8.9.09 Posted Carol Warwick's bio blog/city/state
8.8.09 Posted Craig Buhl's bio blog/city/state
8.3.09 Posted "NOW" pic of Caryn Barnes; posted Kim Gammil's email/city/state
7.30.09 Added Denise Perkins, Denise Ritter and Mike Tharp to the Directory; posted "NOW" pic of Andy Kantowsky
7.29.09 Posted "NOW" pics of Amy Trimble and Greg Scoggins, and a CUBS pic of Greg's kid
7.28.09 Posted David Thompson's Bio blog/city/state
7.27.09 Posted Ricky Bacon and Rosa Morrison's BIO BLOG; updated Reunion Committee Meeting minutes
7.24.09 Posted bio blogs for Mandy Wilkerson, Laurie Dixon and Karen Carter.  Posted bio blog, NOW pic and CUBS pic for Kim Bard;  updated Dyan Shetley's city/state, posted Al Stallings city/state
7.23.09 Posted Butch Finnell's bio blog
7.22.09 Posted "NOW" pic of Gina Warren, Dewey Coffman
7.18.09 Posted Tanya Emory's bio blog, post NOW pic, city/state/email of Gina Pursell
7.16.09 Updated Reunion Committee Meeting minutes
7.11.09 Posted Mark White's bio blog and "NOW" pic
6.29.09 Posted James McCain's email
6.20.09 Posted "NOW" pic of Patty Appl; "CUBS" pic of Shari Foster's kids; "GATHERINGS" pic on page 2; updated the reunion/minutes page
6.14.09 Posted bio blog for Elaine Idell, posted pics on Gatherings (Page 5) and pics on "Scenes from Norman High" page two - thanx Diane Boudreaux for the pics!
6.13.09 posted NOW pic of Shari Foster, posted email addresses for Gerald Coleson and David Thompson.  Changed NOW pic for Elaine Idell
6.12.09 Posted bio blog/email/city/state for Gina  Warren; updated Juli Hall's city/state/bio blog
6.11.09 Posted "CUBS" pic of Barry Tadlock's son (page 2); posted Linda Collins email/city/state
6.9.09 Posted Camille Benso's email/city/state
6.8.09 updated email address for Susan Waltner, Kelli Stevens; posted city/state for Madi Schmidt and Scott Woodward
6.7.09 Posted bioblog/email for Mark Kwitowski
6.5.09 Post "NOW" pic of Bob Strohmeyer
6.3.09 Posted Barry Tadlock's bioblog and correct email address
6.1.09 Posted Danny Hale's bioblog and NOW pic
5.24.09 Posted Bio blog/email for Jim Green, posted revised bio blog for Hilary Bachrach; posted a coupla GATHERING pics on page 2 of Gatherins page
5.21.09 Posted Danny Hale's email address/city/state
5.17.09 Posted "NOW " pic of Sumit Nanda and a CUBS pic of his kids
5.14.09 Posted "NOW" pic of Margie Bond, cubs pic of her kids; posted bio blog and NOW pic for Mark Pulliam
5.13.09 Posted Benay Stolz' bio blog/email; posted Clifford Smith's email/city/state
5.5.09 Posted minutes from reunion committee meeting on "Reunion" page
4.29.09 Posted a new pic to the GATHERING section (page 2) ; posted "NOW" pic of Chris Sonnier
4.27.09 Posted bio blog and email address for Chris Sonnier
4.26.09 Posted bio blog and email address for Dawn Thrailkill, posted a gathering pic on page 2 of GATHERINGS section.
4.22.09 Posted Toni Lipe's bio blog/email/city/state
4.20.09 Post "NOW" pic for Christi Zorger
4.19.09 Posted Ken Bernard Military pic
4.17.09 Updated Bobby Jacob's bio blog/email/city/state - took him off th lost list (thanx Elaine!); Posted "NOW pic for Connie Mantooth and "CUBS' pic for her kids
4.16.09 Removed Connie Mantooth from "LOST" and updated her city/state/email; posted "CUBS' pic forf Leeny Bachelor
4.15.09 Posted NOW pics for Clif Chiles and Robert Coffman, posted "CUBS" pic for Tim Fallon; updated home page w/ upcoming reunion committee meetings; updated minutes from last reunion committee meeting.
4.13.09 Posted bio blurb for Janice Brown, Lee Mitchell, posted email for Lora Emberlan, changed Keith Maters' email; posted "NOW" pic for Kathleen Batchelor
4.9.09 Posted Candy Wyaco's bio blurb & email address.
4.7.09 Post NOW pic of Betsy Trousdale, posted a coupla GATHERINGS pics
3.26.09 Posted Cathy Coats email; posted Shelly Williams' bio blog
3.25.09 Posted Pam Balfour-Grice email, John Klingstedt's bio blurb
3.20.09 Posted Aviva Weiss email city/state, posted Gradeschool pic
3.19.09 Posted "CUBS' pic for Dewey Coffman, posted Teri Fuller's email
3.13.09 Posted Stephen Locke's city/state/email
3.12.09 Posted Curtis Ray and Milan Richardson city/state/emails
3.11.09 Posted "Gatherings" pic of Rusty Buhite and Fred Brown, posted CUBS pic of Lisa Oliver's kids
3.9.09 Changed Sharon Garrett's email address; added some 20th reunion pics, re-arranged Gradeschool pics
3.6.09 Posted Bio blurb for David Patton
3.4.09 Posted "CUBS" pics for John Klingstedt and Andrew Zelby; posted David Patton email/city/state/ posted Roger Nelson bio blog; posted Jeannie Lanzidelle's and Kevin Way's email.  Updated Reunion info on front page
2.27.09 Post "NOW" pic for Jeff Johnson; posted pics on Scenes from Norman High
2.23.09 Posted NOW pic for Chris Lawton
2.20.09 Posted Chris Lawton's bio blog; added some pics to 25th reunion page
2.16.09 Posted bio blogs for Becky Stevens, Paul Craig, Matt Hinkle and Bryce Hulsey, added "NOW" pics for Becky Stevens, Matt Hinkle, Lori Corriveau, Bryce Hulsey, Stan Chalakee and Darl Deo, posted "CUBS" pic for Darl Deo, Bryce Hulsey and Becky Stevens, added Cathy Coats
2.11.09 Posted Gatherings pic on page 5, posted gradeschool pic, posted "NOW" pic of Tim Nye; posted Lori Corriveau and Ken Hall's bio blog
2.9.09 Posted David Webb's bio blog
2.6.09 Posted 20year reunion pics (page 2), posted Chris Harshberger's CUB pic, posted pics on Gradeschool and West pages
2.4.09 Posted "NOW" pics of Elaine Idell, Kevin Daffer, Renee Cockerham, Jeff LeCrone and Lee Mitchell; updated "reunion" committee, loaded a GRADESCHOOL pic, loaded 2 pics on SCENES FROM NORMAN HIGH, page 2
2.3.09 Post 2 more Gradeschool pics
2.2.09 Posted Bill Blankeship bio blog/web site, posted Lee Mitchell's bio blog, added Becky Stevens "then" pic, posted "NOW" pic for Jeff Wheelock and one for Jackie Strong Moss
1.29.08 Posted Lee Mitchell and Allen Hogan email, added John Hayden, posted a CUBS pic
1.26.08 Updated Andrew Zelby, Gena Smith and Christ Zorger's bio, posted "NOW" pic of Andrew Zelby, deleted Christ Hooper's bio blog/state per request.  Posted GRADESCHOOL snap shots
1.22.09 Updated Jeff Johnson's city/state and email, took him off the LOST list
1.21.09 Posted John Adam's 3rd grade pic on "GRADESCHOOL" page, changed Kent Depe's  city
1.20.08 Posted "NOW" pic for Steve McCool and Sharon Garret, posted a "Scenes from West" pic,
1.16.09 Posted Bio blurb for Kim Taylor
1.15.09 Posted Bio Blurbs for Pat Eisel, Cristi Hooper, Amy Trimble, Anita Kessler and Leslie Nickell.  Posted "NOW" pic for Pat Eisel; posted "CUB" pic of Pat's son; Updated Staci Elder's name; posted Anita Kessler's "NOW" pic and "CUBS" pic.  Corrected Mariam Martin's last name
1.13.09 Posted Donna Kemper's email, state
1.8.09 Posted Gary Madole's bio blurb and posted "NOW" pic for Gary
1.7.09 Posted Tim Cossey Obit to the Memorial page; posted a picture to Gradeschool
1.6.09 Posted Cleveland Elem pics to "GRADESCHOOLS", updated Memorial page
1.5.09 Posted "NOW" pics for Jimmie Moss, Dennis Strawhun, James Smith, Vicki Bledsoe and Tammi Hardcastle; posted "CUBS" pics for Mike Winters, Peter Robb and Karen Garrett; updated bio blurbs for Karen Garret and Tammi Hardcastle, posted a "Gatherings" pic and a "Scenes from NHS" pic
12.30.08 Posted "NOW" pics for Pam Rowland, Kelly Dobry.  Posted "CUBS" pics for David Patterson and Kim Butler.  Posted more "GATHERINGS" pics; posted Karen Garret's bio blog
12.23.08 Posted Susan Schindler's bio blog, Posted "CUBS" pics  for Eileen Saunders and Kim Hayes
12.22.08 Posted Tina Franklin's bio blurb; posted a butt load of pic's to 5yr, 20yr, Scenes from Norman High, Post High school, Gatherings, my head hurts now!
12.19.08 Posted Prom pic on Scenes from Norman High; posted NOW pic of Dan Eddy and grandson
12.18.08 Posted Normale Brooks email/city/COUNTRY!!!!
12..17.08 Posted Greg Smith's bio blog
12.16.08 Posted Jackson Elem 1st grade pic (Gradeschools), posted GATHERINGS pic
12.15.08 Posted Bio blogs for Cynthia Neighbors, Anita Kessler, Larry Foster, Mike Laney and Lynn Kating.  Posted NOW pic of Mike Laney;  Posted GATHERINGS pic of Amy Webber, Dean Cameron and Betsy Trousdale
12.11.08 Posted more GRADESCHOOL class pics
12.2.08 Posted "NOW' pic of Scott Cullins on Memorial page, posted "NOW" pics of Steve Gould and "CUBS" pics of Steve Goulds kids, posted Prom pic of Jackie Strong and Jimmie Moss
12.1.08 Posted Scott Cullins obiturary; posted new Gradeschool pics and new Gatherings (page 5) pics
11.21.08 Posted Toni Lovecchio's city/state and email
11.18.08 Posted Amy Lassiter's bio blurb and NOW pic
11.17.08 Posted Rus Shinert's bio blog and "NOW' pic
11.14.08 Created "Gradeschool" link, added a coupla pic's to 25th Reunion, page 2
11.13.08 Posted gradeschool pictures.
11.10.08 Posted Chris Harshberger's bio blurb.  Added a pic to Gatherings page,  changed Marty Tompkins' NOW pic
11.7.08 Created "Reunion Committee" page
11.6.08 Posted Cynthia McAlister & Terry Williamson's email; updated Larah Grahams' bio blurb; posted Scott Seward's "NOW pic; changed Kim Butler's email address;  set up "OUR TIGERS" page
11.5.08 Posted Cathy Groninga's CUBS pic, posted bio blog for Kim Butler
11.4.08 Posted emails for David McGehee, Margaret Moakley.  Posted bio blog for Phil Brewer & John Kelso; posted "NOW" pics of Mark McCurley, Randy Acree, Joe Herron and Judy Schneringer  & John Kelso; posted "CUB" pics of John Kelso's kids
11.3.08 Posted Suzie West, Sherri Burr, Leslie Nickell, Mariann Downing, Barbie Ball, Mara Kerr, Jacque Lanzidelle, Juanita Loewen , Bobby Little, Jr.,  and LuAnn Lane's bio blurb; posted "NOW" pics for Michelle Burcham, Juanita Loewen, Ricky Bacon, Marty Tompkins, Adam Jackson, Mara Kerr, Sherri Burr & Luann Lane; posted  "CUBS" pics for Carol Hodam, Gena Smith, Jonica McPhail, Marty Tompkins & LuAnn Lane; posted more GATHERINGS pics
10.31.08 Loaded "CUBS" pics for GeriLou Munday and Dawn McGuckin; Posted bio blog for Debby West; loaded Suzie West's email
10.30.08 Loaded "NOW" pic of Hilary Backrack and  bio blog
10.29.08 Posted David Miller's bio blog
10.28.08 Loaded "CUBS" pics of Greg Leffler boys
10.27.08 Loaded LOTS of individual pic's (Soph & Fresh) from West & Central yearbooks
10.23.08 Posted "Cub" pic of Stephanie Deatherage, posted 25th Reunion pic of Deatherage, Schindler, Kissinger and Dixon; Posted "NOW" pic of Doug Wilson
10.21.08 Posted Carl Anderson's email, added "NOW" photo and changed his city
10.8.08 Posted Bobby Strohmeyer and Mark Pilling email addresses
10.7.08 Posted "NOW" pic of Gretchen Seifert, updated bio blurb for Bobby Strohmeyer and Mike DeBerry
10.3.08 Posted Marie DiPriete's email
09.29.08 Posted Margo Horn email address and "NOW" pic
09.26.09 Posted Mark McCurley's email address
09.24.08 Posted "NOW" pic of Tod Barret
09.23.08 Posted Kim Bard's email, city/state
09.19.08 Posted Renee Cockerham's Bio Blog
09.16.08 Posted Rusty Barfield's NOW pic and Military Pic
09.15.08 Posted David Hunt web site, posted now pic's of Darl Deo & Craig Riley
09.12.08 Posted bio blog for Randy Smith and Donna Green, updated  Raul Galaz' email address; posted "Now" pic of Karen Slutz and updated her bio blog
09.11.08 Posted bio blog for Scott Million
09.09.08 Posted bio blog for Kent Depe, Greg Jansing,TimFallon and Donita Masters
09.08.08 Posted bio blog for Deana Challis
09.05.08 Posted bio blogs for Cynthia Neighbors and Gary Englar.  Updated email addresses for Craig Culwell, Joe Foster,Randy Smith, Lynn Kating and Rhonda Stermer
09.04.08 Posted  Tim Fallon, Shirla Hewitt, Jackie Lanzidelle, Kandi Murphy, Steve McCool and Jim Williams emaills, posted bio blogs for Steve, Jim and Shirla also, posted now pics for Jim and Shirla
09.03.08 Posted Linda Englar and Julie Hall bio blurb and their "now" pics, posted bio blogs for Larry Collister and Joe Henning
09.02.08 Posted Marilyn Lovins bio blurb,  posted Gary Englar's email, took Thad Beebe's email off (no good anymore)
09.01.08 Posted now photos of Thad Beebe and Karen Carter, and bio blurb and now photo for Susan Moore Kaugher-Chabot.
08.31.08 Posted obit for Tammy Lohman Frazier. Posted bio blurb for Colleen Walsh,
08.25.08 Posted now photos of Geri Lou Munday Sudman and Mariann Downing.
08.22.08 Posted email addresses for Katie Healey, Judy Schneringer.  Corrected emails for "Big" David Patterson, Mariam Martin and Margie Bond - also updated Margie's bioblog
08.21.08 Posted email addresses for Kelly Standifer, John Delheimer, Donna Spor, Kelly Bruehl, Larry Cargill.  Updated Daniel Quijada address
08.20.08 Posted bio blurbs for Dan Stanford and Mark Atkins and now photos for Mark Atkins.
08.19.08 Posted 5 year, 10 year, 20 year, and 25 year reunion photos.
08.18.08 Posted now photos of Diane Boudreaux Williams, Barbara Blatt Burgess, Kim Butler Flynt,  Brad Curran,  Mike DeBerry, Mary Ryan and Shane Martin.  Corrected Mary Ryan's email
08.09.08 Posted bio blurb and contact info for Faith Briggitte Elliott Martinez, Kenneth Mackeprang, Larry Collister,
08.05.08 Posted bio blurb for Brett Walker.
08.03.08 Posted bio blurb and now photo for Meg Ragland and updated contact info for Hilary Bachrach Kane.
08.02.08 Posted Scenes from West pics, Post H.S. Photos and Gatherings photos.
07.31.08 Posted now photo for Leslie Nickell Hudson, Leslie Northcutt and Robert Newberg.
07.30.08 Posted now photos for Larry Sasaki and Gena Smith Fowler and bio blurbs for Robert Newberg and Laurah Graham.
07.29.08 Posted bio blurbs and/or contact info for Kim Bell Hosea,  Larry Sasaki, Gena Smith Fowler and Dan Morrison.
07.28.08 Posted bio blurbs for Tammy Swain and Sandra Holshouser Dodge.
07.26.08 Posted bio blurb and now photo for Cathy Groninga Breslin, contact info for Bonnie Zamudio Pappas and bio blurb for Leslie Nickell Hudson.
07.25.08 Posted now photo of Paul Charles.
07.24.08 Posted bio blurbs and contact info for Kim Taylor Wynns, Sally Weyneth Thomas and Rebecca Swann Blakeburn. Also posted link for virtual tour of Norman High.
07.23.08 Posted bio blurbs and/or contact info for the following: Greg Leffler, Julie Cato Davis, Carol Hodam Castillo, Jackie Strong Moss, Butch Finnell, Linda Blatt, Tami Boehrer Bailey and Pamela Rowland Vaughan. Updated the Memorial page with Tony Wolf's and Chuck Lanes' obituaries. Posted photos to the Scenes from Norman High, 10 Year reunion page and 20 Year reunion pages.
07.22.08 Posted contact information for Suzy Kienlen Sawkins and bio blurbs for Laura Laughlin Burke and Amy Trimble Wood. Also posted the Lost List and a Memorial page.
07.21.08 Posted bio blurb and current photo for Dean Eikleberry. Updated Shari Foster Moore's contact information.
07.20.08 Posted the remaining W entries to the directory.
07.18.08 Posted bio blurbs for Steve Gould, J.D. Cole, Eileen Saunders Holloway, Gena Smith Fowler and Gretchen Siefert.
07.17.08 Posted bio blurbs for Raul Galaz, Teresa Hetherington Pastrano, Carmie Ashley and Greg Scoggins. Posted "now" photos of Sheila Reynolds and Greg Leffler. Posted T, V, Y and Z pages in the directory...and some of the W page...
07.16.08 Posted now photos of Bob Morris and Jonica McPhail. Posted bio blurbs for Betina Parra-Jones, Tim Rodkey and Grant Mathews. Posted S page in the directory.
07.15.08 Posted bio blurbs and contact info for Laura Mason Denney, Bob Morris, Dawn McGuckin Fisher, Sharon Reynolds Clardy, Andrew Kantowski, Jonica McPhail, Thomas Kovach. Andrew Lanning, Elaine Idell Crawford, Georgia Knight and Adam Stewart Jackson.
07.14.08 Posted K-R pages in the directory.
07.13.08 Posted H-J directory pages, started K.
07.11.08 Posted bio blurb and contact info for Diane Deatherage Schroeder.
07.10.08 Finished posting yearbook photos for the D-G pages in the directory. Posted contact info and bio blurb for  Pam Armstrong Wyrrick,  Karen Carter Shaw and Linda Crawley Shirley.
07.09.08 Started the D page in the directory and updated John Allard's contact info.
07.08.08 Posted contact info and bio blurb for the following: Russell Buhite,  Lia Bonifield Jones, Caryn Barnes,  Randy Acree and John Hart.
07.07.08 Posted C's page in the directory.
07.06.08 Posted Update Form.
07.02.08 Posted B's page in the directory.
06.30.08 Began building the new website.
06.26.08 Transferred nhs1980.com domain.