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WEST MID-HIGH SCHOOL PHOTOS  Click photo to enlarge

Pam Rowland, Mike DeBerry,
Gretchen Seifert

Pam Rowland, Suzy West
Susan Schindler, Tonya Kissinger
Sophomore Dance:
Carrie Reynolds, Danny Eddy, Sandy Bruce, Bobby Roberson

Can you name them? Betsy Trousdale Alice Turkington Sophomore Dance:
Betsy Trousdale & Rusty Barfield

Candy Wyaco
Milan Richardson
Carrie Reynolds, Thad Beebe
Sharon Reynolds

I'm pretty sure there was something written in chalk on the board!

Pam Rowland
Betsy Trousdale, Neil Boyd, Carrie Reynolds, Carl Galaz
Thad Beebe, Susan Cannon

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