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GATHERING PHOTOS  Click photo to enlarge

Carrie Reynolds, Marty Tompkins
Greg Scoggins, Jackie Strong Moss

Mike DeBerry, Jimmie Moss, Craig Riley, Brad Curran, Chris Harshberger
Carrie Reynolds, Jackie Strong Moss,
 Karen Carter Shaw

Jimmie Moss, Dewey Coffman
Dewey Coffman, Carrie Reynolds

Amy Weber, Dean Cameron and Betsy Trousdale
Chris Lawton, Joe Herron

Betsy Trousdale, Dean Cameron, Georgia Knight
Betsy Trousdale, Carrie Reynolds, Karen Carter, Georgia Knight

Thad Beebe, Betsy Trousdale (1981)
Carrie Reynolds, Danny Eddy, Belinda McCorkle, Betsy Trousdale
Carrie Reynolds, Darl Deo
Georgia Knight, Chip Herring, Betsy Trousdale, Greg Kile
Danny Eddy, Georgia Knight

Gary Webster, Georgia Knight (2001)
Georgia Knight, Belinda McCorkle
Georgia Knight, Darl Deo, Adam Jackson
Georgia Knight
Greg Kile, Georgia Knight

Diane Boudreaux, Anita Kessler, Sharon Reynolds - February 2009
Anita Kessler, Sandra Holshauser, Diane Boudreaux - Feb 2009
Anita Kessler, Sharon Reynolds, Feb 2009
Diane Boudreaux, Anita Kessler - Feb. 2009
Grant Mathews, Mike DeArmon
Sept. 2009

Grant Mathews, Brett Walker, Marty Tompkins
Sept. 2009
Keith Curlee, Robert Coffman, Chris Smith, Sept. 2009