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198o Norman High Alumni 

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Randy Acree
[Tucson, AZ]
Did 24 years in the Army as an Attack Helicopter Instructor Pilot in the AH-1 Cobra and both the AH-64A and AH-64D Longbow helicopters.  Retired as Chief Warrant Officer 5 (CW5).  Currently fly for DHS as an Air Interdiction Agent.  Married for 23 years with two daughters, 15 and 21 years old.  Passion is flying sailplanes for distance and racing.


Did 24 years of flying/teaching in the Ah-1 Cobra and AH64 Apache for the US Army.  Was married for over 28 years with 2 beautiful daughters that I am very proud of.  Spend most of my time following my passion of flying sailplanes for distance and racing.  I was fortunate enough to finish 9th out of 58 in a National Contest last year.  Still flying for the government.

Curtis Adams
[Tucson, AZ]

Shelly Adams Christian
[Moore, OK]

Bruce Affsprung
[Salem, Oregon]

After a few semesters at Oscar Rose Junior College I joined the Army in 1983 for three years and became a medic. I was stationed in Germany and at Ft. Sill. In 1987 I joined the U.S. Coast Guard and became a Boatswain's mate. The nice thing about a C.G. career for me was I got to do something different every couple of years. I was a seaman on a buoy tender (the CGC Woodrush) out of Sitka Alaska; a small boat coxswain at Station San Diego; and I worked in the Foreign Vessel Boarding and Environmental Response branches of the Marine Safety Office San Francisco Bay among other things. I retired after 20 years of service in 2004 and now live in Oregon with my wife Daisy and our Jack Russell "Ollie." Daisy and I married in 2003. I practice and teach Aikido (a martial art) which I took up while stationed in San Diego in 1991. I also studied zen meditation while living in the Bay Area. I continue with that practice as well. This summer (2017) we watched the total solar eclipse from our front porch with friends. Some folks say "life is good" and I am glad they feel that way. I hope everyone of you feels that way. For me I like the poster that says: "Life is like a wave. You can't change the way it breaks. But you can change the way you ride it."

Laura Aldag
[Tucson, AZ]

John Allard
[Norman, OK]

Nancee Allen Morris
[Norman, OK]

John Allison

Clinton Alsip

Pat Althoff

Sharon Amis Astra
[El Prado, NM]

Carl Anderson
[Lipan, TX]
I moved to Texas to attend UNT in Denton from there I went to work for the US Chamaber of Commerce in thier Dallas Office till 1994. When the telecom boom came I jumped in with both feet and rode it till it took a dive in 2001. I now live in a very small town west of Fort Worth; there are no street lights or gas stations and the elementary and middle school are in the same building. A much slower pace than Dallas for sure. I am the owner of a small Oil & Gas Company that specializes in exploration and aquisistion and field services.

Chris Anderson
[Albuquerque, NM]
I graduated from OU with an Aero Engr degree and a commission in the USAF.  Served 21-1/2 years as a munitions and aircraft maintenance/logistics officer, and occasional test engineer.  I've lived in the exotic lands of northern Maine, Nebraska, S. Korea, Massachusetts, Texas, Italy, Germany and New Mexico.  While in S. Korea 19 years ago, I found the love of my life, Kil Sun Song, who tamed me and brought into the world our three awesome kids, Dawn (17), Eric (15) and Rebecca (14), all currently in high school.  "We" retired from the USAF in 2006 with 21 years active duty and have worked as an AF civil servant since.  I recently became Chief of the Logistics Program Management Division at Kirtland AFB, NM.

 P.S.  I made the 10 year reunion and won the award for guy with the least hair.  I expect the competition to be tougher this time. 

Joe Anderson
[Norman, OK]

Paul Andis
[Norman, OK]

Curtis Anthony
[Norman, OK]

Patti Appl
[Norman, OK]

David Armstrong
[Norman, OK]
I now enjoy more of my own time since both boys have ventured out into the REAL WORLD. Things like hanging with friends, golf, baseball games, playing guitar and work. I have owned my own company, Armstrong Homes, since 1992 and truly enjoy what I do.

Jack Armstrong

Pam Armstrong Wyrrick
[Tulsa, OK]
Raising a family. We have children ranging from 21 to 9 yrs old. I enjoy an occasional tennis match, watching my kids play ice hockey and soccer and just being home. I also teach a children Bible Study.Our life is very busy,(as I'm sure everyones is). I am not the best at keeping in touch with friends from the past, but would love to reconnect.

John is a home builder and we are in the middle of building a new home for us. Whether or not we actually move into it is yet to be seen. If we do, our address will change to 7516 E. 97th Street around October '08.

Carmie Ashley
[Norman, OK]
I graduated from OU in '85 with bach in architecture.  Went to work in St Louis and then Witchita Falls, TX.  Came back to Norman and have been working at Tinker AFB as a architect for 20 years.  I have two wonderful boys.  My oldest, Tim is at OU getting a degree in comp eng/comp science, japanese, and math.  My youngest is at NHS and playing football, band, robotics, and finishing his eagle in scouts.  Both boys have been a great blessing along with my wife who works as a nursing instructor at Mid america tech center.

Garland Atkerson
[Norman, OK]

Mark Atkins
[Richmond, TX]
Moved from Norman to Tucson, AZ to Dallas, TX to Houston, TX got married had a baby girl (Mary Alyson) moved to New Orleans, LA had a baby girl(Meagan) and baby boy (Elmer Jr.), moved back to Houston and am still here. Been married 20 years to a teacher of all things! I guess I felt guilty skipping all those classes!


Christina Ayres

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